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Opinions of Saturday, 13 January 2018

Columnist: Kwadwo Sarfo Kantanka

Alan Kyerematen schools NDC MPs

Today at the public hearing on the issues relating to Ghana Expatriate Business Awards which in one way or the other has been linked to the ministry of trade and industry, the sector minister, Mr Alan Kyerematen, appeared before the parliamentary committee of enquiry. In the turn of events during Mr Kyerematen's encounter with the committee and the submission by Okudzato Ablakwa earlier yesterday, confirmed my earlier position that the allegations are baseless and one without merit.

Alan Kyerematen patiently and professionally educated, particularly, the NDC MPs who tried so hard to gain political points out of the situation, even though, they (the NDC MPs) know, without a doubt, that, they are only repeating blatant lies to make it sound as if it was the gospel truth in the ears of Ghanaians.

From accounting to law, Mr Alan Kyerematen showed expected communication competencies that made the NDC MPs more knowledgeable than before. Of course, as a lawyer, an economist and an international trade expert, Alan Kyerematen's enormous understanding of the legal and accounting issues should not surprise me.

With reference to the substance of the issue in question, it is on record that, there was no reasonable evidence whatsoever to back the allegation of extortion of money which forms the basis of this exercise of public hearing, no one paid money only to sit by the president, 17 persons sat at the high table including the president, trade minister and his deputy. Also, 3 persons of the number on the high table contributed nothing before, during and after the event. The more interesting aspect of today's hearing is that instead of providing evidence of "extortion of money", the minority MPs on the committee were rather asking for the definition of money.

Let me state clearly that, the intent of public enquiry is good for our governance convention, and I must commend parliament for that consensus, but it should not just be used by an individual or a group of individuals for their own selfish interest.

I would like to also take this opportunity to congratulate Mr Martin Amidu on his appointment as the first Special Prosecutor, and again, commend H.E Nana Akufo-Addo for this bold step of appointing a 'die-hard' NDC member and a founding member as such, to fill up one of the most crucial and sensitive positions which can make or break his government. It only takes a president who has the political will to fight corruption to be able to thread on that slippery grounds.

Long live Ghana