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Opinions of Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Columnist: Osei, Joseph

Alan Kyeremanteng is ruined if he contests NANA again.

Now let’s do this analysis. The NPP as a party might not have the colossal amount of money to conduct elections for the presidential candidate position taking into thoughtfulness the fact that they will be contesting 2016 elections with the incumbent party that has the record of using money to win elections. We all know NANA ADDO will win if he contests the elections within the party; the wise thing to do is for those who want to contest him rather support him with their money for the party to win power in 2016. If Alan Kyeremanteng is very strategic he will not contest NANA but will help him so that he can gain back his diminishing popularity in the party. This will help him because after NANA’s exit his supporters will back Alan because of his support for him.

Now if Nana Addo wins the 2016 general elections, there is no way he will go for another four years. Which means Alan will have a prospect to lead the party. If Alan contest Nana Addo and lose, the animosity for Alan by Nana Addo’s supporters will swell, this means supporters of Nana Addo will look for an alternative to Alan, which is Dr Mamudu Bawumia. Bawumia’s chance of becoming the flagberer of the NPP is higher than that of Alan Kyeremanteng who has lost significance due to some actions and inactions. The only way Alan can lead the party is to decide not to contest Nana Addo, which will boost his popularity within the party.

Do you know why the National Democratic Congress members are rooting for Alan to be elected as a presidential candidate of the NPP? Simply! That will be cool chop for them…..

If Alan contests Nana Addo, he risk losing chance of leading his party and will be defeated in this elections and subsequent ones.

I don’t know who constitute the advisory team of Mr. Alan Kyeremanteng? If he has one, then they might be doing him a great disservice.