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Opinions of Monday, 15 October 2007

Columnist: Amakwah, Seth

Akuffo Addo to Prosecute Mr. Kufuor?

Information reaching sympathizers of ‘THE ULTIMATE’ Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo indicated the purported preparedness, to look the other way should corruption charges be preferred against President Kufuor for perceived wrongdoings during his (Kuffour’s) turn in office. It is against this background that President Kuffuor is doing everything possible to project Alan Kyerematen to power to be saved the agony of having to go through the ordeal of harassments.

Although Mr. Kuffuor has declared openly that he is not backing any candidate, which was just to throw dust into the eyes of the public. According to insiders within Kuffour’s inner circle, He (Kuffour) wouldn’t have minded who succeeds him among the NPP cast as long as he is sure the person is winnable at the national level. However, his somewhat uneasiness with Akuffo Addo’s sometimes willingness to let the law courts determine the veracity or otherwise of allegations seems to be his major concern. To openly back his kid brother would be too obvious hence the consensus candidate Alan Cash who every serious minded NPP foot soldier knows has done little for the party when we were in the wilderness.

Readers can recall just last week when President Kuffuor came back from the UN General Assembly in New York, he summoned his ring leaders to a secret meeting at the Presidency situated at the Regional residency in the Regional Administration compound from 8:30 am to 11:20 am, where he (Kuffuor) reportedly wept bitterly because he had had many reports from the regions suggesting that his ‘chosen one’ might not get the nod after all. At the said meeting which was attended by the Regional Minister, Mr. Emmanuel Asamoah Owusu-Ansah; his deputy, Mr. Osei Assibey Antwi; and some constituency chairmen namely Messrs Henry Kwabena Kokofu, George Kofi Adjei, Asare Bediako, D. K. Adusei, Nana Adu Asabre and Nana Osei Mensah of Bantama, Nhyiaeso, Asokwa, Kumawu Asante-Akim North and Manhyia respectively, he (Mr. Kuffuor) threaten them to deliver his man to him or else……(Else what? Support NDC to Win? Only heaven knows). ( Up to now not a single person mentioned with respect to the said secret meeting came out to deny this meeting took place or otherwise, while we all know he (Kuffuor) declared neutrality.

Mr. Kuffuor not trusting his people (who attended the secret meeting to deliver) has decided to step in himself by organizing an ‘azaa’ fund raising dinner for his chosen one Alan ‘Kash’ which yielded a whooping $1.2M (13 Billion Old Ghanaian Cedis).

This fund raiser, according to some of the big shots who are embittered, is a camouflage by the President to put more money into the campaign coffers of Alan ‘Kash’ to ensure absolute advantage over Nana Akuffo Addo, to secure total victory at the Dec congress. Infact Mr. Kuffuor, according to his inner circle, does not want voting to go to runoffs because he projected runoffs would not favour his man since other contestants (who purportedly share the same sentiments with Nana) would team up with him (Nana) to take the day. Mr. Kuffuor is therefore said to be very uncomfortable and very restless and is doing everything possible to secure a total victory for Alan ‘Kash’. This confirms the reason why Kuffuor’s son donated $81,200 (750M Old Ghanaian Cedi) to Alan Kash’s campaign at the fund raising dinner. Unfortunately there is no law (correct me if am wrong) restricting donations to campaign funds. Now with these developments, it is difficult for us to question (as Nana has begun) Jerry Boom’s $700,000 fundraiser in Dallas, Texas.

What baffles us is President Kuffuor did not confer with Nana to verify the truthfulness or otherwise of these allegations before going out full force against him (Nana) while the President himself knows Nana is the best person to succeed him. I personally wonder why our dear President, the gentle giant, would think people would harass him. I cannot think about anything but some few people I spoke to said Nana once expressed his displeasure about the President’s son acquiring the hotel. This, he (Nana) mourned, could blow NPP’s chances of retaining power. That might be misconstrued by the President as not his (kuffuor’s) sympathizer and hence could look elsewhere when people are trying to harass him. Others also mention the Ashanti factor without basis but I personally dismissed that.

Whatever feud it is that has entangled the vibrant Akufo Addo and President. Kuffuor, it would do the elephant family a great deal of good if they can resolve that ASAP. It is evident that Nana is the most experienced person for the job as compared to Alan Kash and we all need to support him including the ‘neutral’ President Kuffuor. To choose Alan is just tantamount to conceding defeat to Prof Mills. I would therefore ask President Kuffuor to sort out things with Nana and lend him his (kuffuor’s) unflinching support. And I hope Nana too would promise to shield Mr. Kuffuor from any harassment and prosecutions.

By Seth Amakwah,
Sakumono Estate

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