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Opinions of Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Columnist: Fynn, Patrick

Akoo Nana Should Bow In Shame

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It’s a Friday night at the Accra Sports Stadium. One of Ghana’s big telecommunications company is set to launch its new Deezer music application at the Tigo Unplugged Concert. High-flying artistes including Sarkodie, Shatta Wale, Mzvee, Davido and the likes are billed to thrill over twenty-whooping-thousand patrons, who have thronged the arena to be entertained.
An artiste is called upon to keep the show budging. And just in the middle of the excitement appears a trio of bare-breasted supposed-Ghanaian women, with pieces of clothes screening their under parts, with their faces behind a mask. Masterminding and moderating this particular performance is a mohawked Hiplife singer we affectionately call Akoo Nana. He engages the bewildered audience whiles his three topless girls do their choreography. Their exposed breasts are conspicuously dangling vigorously before the very eyes of every individual who could view the act, so long as they are not suffering short-sightedness. The editor, please insert photo here The average Ghanaian is likely to treat the above commentary with contemptible contempt, as such a picture cannot be painted and the painter left, unharmed. The impunity with which the self-labeled musician wove the act must be met with the same degree of impudence, more pronouncedly when he is purported to be a traditional chief.
A lot of critics have slammed the said artiste, whiles others have also jumped to his defense. In any case, there’s no need to get worked up about the prosecutions and defenses; but in pursuit of protecting our values as a people and fighting moral degeneration, which has been escalating lately, I would also want to join the moral crusaders – to get critical about having naked women on stage. The artiste, in a later interview claims the act was a prelude to his breast cancer awareness campaign. ‘I’m embarking on my breast cancer campaign and I’m dropping a video which features various health professionals, to sensitize people on breast cancer’ is the lame excuse he gave. In fact, that retroactive explanation for the hoax can easily pass for a childish statement. Otherwise, Akoo Nana, the health promotion officer should find a more decent way of creating awareness of such a life-threatening cancerous disease, and Ghana Health Service would forever be grateful. My prayer is that he does not switch his campaign towards vaginal cancer or probably testicular cancer. Your guess is as good as mine. Records have it that William Ankrah, official name of the artiste under criticism now; had once released a music video making a similar display of depravity. So if he’s not called to order, his next creativity could turn a very, very bitter pill to swallow. The point is, there is no commandment to regulate how musicians should entertain their fans, and by that we cannot drag him before a jury - after all, several people enjoyed the performance. But a section of people who are musing with me at the moment believe the use of common sense, the respect for morality, reverence for one’s own integrity and the protection of the art are key considerations. Music and its derivatives do not just entertain but also teach, promote and educate. However that Akoo-led performance or call it breast cancer awareness was offensive and uncouth. He did not just promote nudity, but as well slighted womanhood. Now, he has gotten the attention his music couldn’t bring, but has stained his own reputation. In fact, he has gotten himself into the bad books of our showbiz. Was the performance rehearsed? Did the organizers know such an act would be staged? Did they see the dancers backstage before their appearance? These are questions that should raise eyebrows about how some event organizers take things for granted. As for those three ladies who hid their shameless faces behind those masks to do such a thing, the least said about them; the better.
Author: Patrick Fynn ( Follow him on twitter: @PatrickFynn