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Opinions of Sunday, 22 July 2012

Columnist: Acheampong, Susana

Aidoo's 3 Beautiful Houses In South Africa Revealed

Dr Tony Aidoo’s 3 Beautiful Houses In South Africa Revealed

He calls himself the Head of Policy and Evaluation at the Office of the President and within his circle of friends tells them he is the real brains behind the Better Ghana Agenda project.

He likes to think he is the intellectual hub of the NDC.

He prides himself in defending the so called integrity of John Atta Mills. But as the saying goes, a leopard can never change its spots .

Dr Tony Aidoo’s champagne and red wine socialism which is the model for corruption and thievery in the current government of which President Atta Mills has failed to confront is what is causing Ghanaians to lose trust with the party, politicians and to lose interest in politics altogether.

Those of us who were around during the formation of the PNDC and modern NDC knew him to be a greedy, avaricious man who in public lashed out at opulence in society and attacked the business community but in private talked owning companies and running businesses to make money and the like! Lets us not forget that men like Tony Aidoo, Ato Ahwoi, Sipa Yankey who come from the same tribe as President Mills have sworn with their blood and soul to protect him at all cost, they would stop at nothing to amass wealth in a gregarious manner.

Tony Aidoo, a man who broke immigration laws by trying to bribe a solicitor to study law in the United Kingdom and was arrested and deported in disgrace. Dr Aidoo since he was appointed to his current position, has bought 3 houses outside Johannesburg in South Africa, in an area called Florida Park. These houses cost in the region of 1.5 -3 million South African Rand. How could he afford to buy these houses in three years as a government official ?Can he tell Ghanaians the real source of this money?

This is a man who could not afford to complete his house at East Legon, when he was a Deputy defence minister in the first NDC administration because Rawlings would not stand for any corrupt nonsense yet as soon as Professor Mills won and he was appointed , the house was completed painted and terrazoed in 4 and a half months!

On behalf of all Ghanaians in South Africa and especially those who believe in the Rawlings legacy of probity ,accountability and social justice we attach pictures of these houses and for Ghanaians to see what our politicians are doing in the dark and to judge for themselves.

Dr Susana Acheampong Secretary Ghanaian Gauteng Residents Association Former member, Brong Ahafo Region 31st December Women’s Movement 1985-2004 Gauteng Johanesburg South Africa