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Sports Features of Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Source: Raymond Agbonlahol Yeboah

Ahoto FM Sports is about to hit the grounds

,the rest in Kumasi must hide

A new radio station is on the air waves in Kumasi, offering sports and content that they say you won't hear anywhere else.
AHOTO' 92.5 will begin its best sports broadcast on 8th August,2016 and they're already gaining a huge fan base.
They're a classic sports station that offers content about everything across the globe.
"It's something completely different than what you'll ever, ever see," according to the great sports presenters who are going to work there.. "It's a little bit of this and a little bit of that, but at the end of the day it's the best of great sports analyses and exclusive news which is something that Ahoto FM hasn't had."

"We grew up to that sports analyses so we just try to give our fans a whole new different aspect," Gaius said.
"I love breaking of sports news to the core of my soul," Gideon Fiifi said. "You ever heard the phrase you get in where you fit in? Well I felt that I fit in right there."
The rest of the talent feels the same.
Nana Egyiri, formally of Kessben, the great sports researcher,' says they get along like family.
"We're not competing with each other. We're all helping each other as a whole," he said. "With all of the shows, we all bring something pretty unique to the game. We all have a different aspect, a different point of view so it gives us a good diversity within everybody here."
Even though they're all different, their goals are the same – to bring back a genre that's been missing in the city and to get the community involved in the process.
"We just keep getting the calls coming in saying that finally somebody is doing something like this, so it's just good to do that service for the Oseikrom and bring back something positive and educational as well," Alex Adu said.
"So far it's been really great. We've been getting a lot of great responses. We've been getting a lot of great callers and hopefully it's just onward and upward," Hassan said.
In just a couple days, Ahoto' 92.5 has gotten the thumbs up from hundreds liking their Facebook page.
They say they hope to be on air for many years to come''Lateef said.
Raymond Agbonlahol Yeboah,The great Gaius,Nana Egyiri,Alex Adu,the writers of Gideon Fiifi,Hassan and Latif are there for truthful analyses without fear or favor and only report exactly what we see without any selective emotions.
With this great squad,Kotoko administrators would have to work extra hard so as the sports minister and all the sectors that needs to function to promote our sports in this country.