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Opinions of Monday, 25 July 2016

Columnist: Shakila Alivitsa

Ladies, not every man you want will want you back

You know the way men chase women? Some women, not all, do it too.

Not in a bad way, I mean, if you want something at times you have to go for it. Life is for the ones who choose to take and not wait.

Eye contact does not work anymore, it does but just continue waiting, by the time you are done the man will be married on his second child.

Just like men, we also face rejection. A bitter pill to swallow but all the same, not every person you want will want you back.

Rather than me telling you, to change your clothes or make up or the way you should walk seductively and talk with smoother tones; let us just try something different.

I mean, the former might work in some instances but have you ever thought.

He might have his own preferences

There is nothing wrong with that, we are just not everyone’s cup of tea. Some like dark women, others light women, others tall, others quiet while others like loud people or smart and can string two intellectual sentences together. At times it is not about your dress or your face; it can be personality-can’t change that.

If you are not someone’s type, it is not your work to be their type, you move on and look for someone else.

He does not want a relationship

Believe someone when they tell you, they are not ready. Don’t wait around or try to show some of you good ‘qualities’- just move on, even date; not to spark jealousy but just for you to enjoy yourself. Maybe even meet someone better. If you are really what they want, they will come find you but just being available at their say so, makes you less and less relationship-material. It ends up being a friend zone situation.

He has someone else in mind

When someone shows you and tells you that they like someone, take that as they have said it. Don’t say what you heard or know or anything to topple them off; makes the person even more curious and you look horrible. Leave them because their choice is not you but someone else. That ego bruise should be effective in allowing you to let them go.

You are in the friend zone

There is no explanation here. If the man is not sexually attracted to you because of a long term friendship, it is hard to get away from being the homie.