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Opinions of Sunday, 17 February 2008

Columnist: Ayeboafo, Yaw Awuah Boadu

Ahafo Ano North Constituency MP: The Time is Now!

Dear Friends,

I reach out to you with great pleasure, passion and commitment for Ghana's development.

I formally announce to you my parliamentary ambition for the Ahafo Ano North Constituency, Tepa, on the ticket of the New Patriotic Party (N.P.P).

I have long standing political commitment and participation in Ghana. I believe the time is now to stand up to rally my constituents and Ghanaians in general around common goals as a member of parliament.

The N.P.P is opening from 1st March,2008 for interested party members to file their nomination papers for election as the party's parliamentary candidates for the general elections in December 2008.

The challenge ahead is great, but I believe where there is will, there is way. I believe without a challenge there will not be change, and I am strengthened in the miss of cynicism and pessimism to make a difference.

I have put out a comprehensive strategy to confront the status quo and the old school politics, which my constituency executives would find very compelling and competitive looking at the challenges they face in the forthcoming general elections-incumbency fatigue, voter apathy and low morale among party foot soldiers.

I believe people who love their community can change it and we should never doubt, a small group of committed individuals can change the World. I am commitment to lead a campaign to Invest in Young People as that holds the key to our development. After careful consideration, analysis and consultation I am committed to be part of the small group to change my community. I count on your commitment and support to make my campaign to be selected as the party's candidate a reality. Learn and own a part of this campaign by visiting to make a donation or mail a check. Contact me with comments and suggestions. Thank you for your attention and for being part of this campaign. May God Richly Bless You. With warm regards,Awuah Boadu Ayeboafo.N.P.P Parliamentary Aspiring Candidate.