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Opinions of Sunday, 15 September 2013

Columnist: Hardi, Ibrahim

Agony of Gyeeda beneficiaries Tamale ADB branches.

Its is often said that,who feels its knows more. I write with pain on my heart on
the kind of trauma Gyeeda beneficiaries in Northern Region has to pass through to
received their delayed little allowance paid them at the Agriculture Developments
Banks in Tamale. ADB as it is popularly known treat these beneficiaries as ''Third
class customers'' who were only limited to their mother branches where they have
opened their account. Why I am saying this is that,they cant access their money in
any ADB branches within Tamale where they did not opened their accounts. I took a
walk to Aboabo branch of the ADB and the number of people at the bank was over 1000
people being attended to by one cashier and one person checking their balance in a
small room behind the bank. If you are Gyeeda beneficiary,you are not suppose to
used the banking hall that was the rule set by the Aboabo branch of the Agriculture
Development bank. Believe it or not,cashiers were seated
doing nothing when one person has to attend to them. With relevant information
gathered most Gyeeda beneficiaries were refused with both with-drawer bank books
and ATM cards when applied that would enable them to solved them from the
challenges they faced any time they are to withdraw their monies .
In some branches,These people would have to pay Gh.2, Gh.5 cedis for with-drawer
slips or sometimes Gh.10 cedis to enable them withdraw their money. People have to
travel from distance as far as 60km or more to be in line to see wither they would
have the chance of withdrawing their little monies when certain branches are empty
and cashiers seating idle back-biting and slandering.
People travel as far as Salaga,Damongo,Guseigu,Tolon,Kariga to received their
allowance of sometimes Gh.70. People who could not do business that day has to
sometimes sleep in queues waiting for their ''mother branch'' to open before they do
business when other branches are empty. And those in Tamale sometimes starts queuing
as early as 3.00 am.
I went with a friend to ADB,Tamale main to check his account to see whether his
little money is paid into his account,that means,he is not having mobile alert as
many of his colleagues.we were told to go to his mother branch which is Aboabo
branch.Just checking his balance in his account in his mother branch,he has to spend
not less than four hours,simple because he belongs to '' Third class customers''. I
was given a cheque by a friend for me to try my luck at the Kaladan branch of the
ADB. Empty but the same stories. I try to find out why this is done in ADB
Tamale,Nobody could explain or give me reason. I dont understand and cant still
I would like to appeal to the highers authority that something serious needs to be
done to save ''Poor Ghanaians'' who have to suffer in the hands of this Tamale ADB
Branches to draw these their ''peanuts'' to be able to survive.

Ibrahim Hardi 0208235615