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Opinions of Tuesday, 25 February 2020


After submitting the NPP parliamentary candidate forms, what next?

File photo - NPP Flag File photo - NPP Flag

We must now finish the unfinished business in our trouble spots, so that we can have a trouble-free elections ahead of us.

I’m not here to talk because I want to talk. I’m here as an NPP member and a Ghanaian. We have chalked lots of success in many constituencies. I’m happy to say that some people understood that we need to discuss issues; we need to negotiate with interested parties; we need to establish “Quid-Pro-Quo”.These actions worked and will always work.

We are all victorious. It is victory for NPP and Ghana.

My major objective today, is to make sure that we all understand what is at stake. We want peace, unity and with listening ears and active leadership at the grassroots, constituency, regional or national level. These can ensure victory 2020.

NPP is a formidable democratic machinery in Ghana’s development and progress, but we have a complex structure of humans that have varied thoughts, ambitions, and choices that must be respected.

We are now faced with the Vetting Committees that must act with fairness and tolerance, so that we can achieve the peace and unity in going forward.

I’m also by this message appealing to party executives especially, the constituency and regional Chairmen to make sure that, the photo albums that will entitle people to vote are not tampered with.

People are watching. They are alert. People have researched and they know. People will be ready for chaos unless, fairness and fair play by the constituency and regional executives are transparently seen.

We have discussed, we have negotiated, we have established “Quid-Pro-Quo”. These are normal procedures found along the path for peace, unity and victory.

The next step is to allow easy access of candidates to the delegates voter register. We must respect the ability of the voters to decide how to vote and who to select.

The national constitution allows everybody this freedom of choice by choosing whoever they want to vote for even at the national level. At the constituency level, we should be able to do this without any trouble.

Let us work with our voters to move along the path of peace, unity and victory. We must avoid any form of annoyance or confrontation with our local voters, polling station members and our rank and file. Their photographs must be in the albums untampered with. These are the voters together with others that will decide our victory in 2020 and our fate.

Let’s avoid intentional and unreasonable disqualification which will lead to the next stage of protest and appeals. Let us avoid the usage of wrong photo albums. The results we must expect at the end of the primaries is whether there will be peace, that we need so badly to unite our people for victory 2020.

Let’s act right. Let’s be careful. Lets act for NPP. God bless us all.
Thank you.