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Opinions of Thursday, 29 August 2013

Columnist: Atta-Boakye, Ken

After August 29, What Next?

The much-talked about and keenly contested trials of 2012 General Elections are over, and the Supreme Court is poised to give their verdict on August 29. Ghanaians are anxiously expecting justice to prevail. The good fight is over and all good Ghanaians are waiting for the crown. Regardless of the outcome of the verdict, it should be the beginning of greater things to happen in Ghana. The 9-panel of Justices will also earn a historical and glorified name similar to the Big Six who put their lives on the line to struggle for the independence of Ghana. The name Justice William Atuguba will also be commended just like Kwame Nkrumah for spearheading the fight for independence. It is hoped that the verdict will bring forth the birth of Freedom and Justice as enshrined in our Coat of Arms. Hopefully after the verdict is announced our cry for accountable government will actually be heard.
Airlines originating from Ghana into foreign nations are fully booked after August 29. The family of a good friend of mine went on vacation in mid-August, but something important cropped up for them to come back early in September but they can’t buy a rush ticket or re-book their return ticket. It is alleged that rich politicians have already sent their families outside Ghana to escape mayhem and violence. The media is preaching peace after the verdict is pronounced as if Ghanaians had been rioting during the trials. Fervent prayers and fastings are going on in the churches and the mosques. The so-called Prophets are also prophesying about violence. This is how far the carnal eyes can see. Whatever the verdict Ghana will stand and life will continue to go on. Ghanaians have learned about accountability and after everything settles down, things will not be the same. In the course of the trials Justice Atuguba said: “Ghana will not be the same after the trials” I concur.
After the dispensation of a much desired justice from our noble Lordships, Ghana will be elevated and injustice anywhere in the system will be buried or minimized. The High Courts and the affiliate smaller courts will realize they have a charge to keep and a God to glorify. This is the path the masters will choose so why should they look in another direction? There should be a new zeal in the government for officials to render themselves accountable to the people. Government institutions will realize the danger ahead and will follow established rules and regulations to keep the institutions in good books. The SC trial of the 2012 general elections was a blessing in disguise. It will dawn on Ghanaians that power does not relinquish power voluntarily. It has to be forced. Ghanaians will look for new ways to put action behind their demand for change. The verdict will result in positive changes.
Presently, most demonstrations are industrial action for hikes in wages and non-payment of salaries. The Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, and other trade unionists have urged their members to embark upon strike action for better service conditions. Without doubt in my mind, the next line of demonstrations will be nationwide and spontaneous. The likes will be that of “Kume Preko and Seime Preko” Ghanaians will be wide awake to take charge and will not allow the corrupt politicians to continue to take them for a ride. There will be a rise in civil organizations that will seek accountable governance. Time and time again, Ghanaians have complained about so many flaws in the 1992 constitution. The Constitution Review committee also highlighted on some of the concerns yet no efforts have been made to amend them because these flaws benefit the MP’s and the elected Officials. Ghanaians will not allow corrupt leaders to continue to take them for a ride any longer. There shall be uprisings emaciating from the bottom up. Inefficient leaders will be uprooted and those who have the know-how will be put to post. In-sha Allah!!!
In a nutshell, Ghanaians will look for civil organizations that can push their dreams into reality. The citizens want their lots improved but not those who would be clamoring for power-sharing or inclusive government for the topmost selfish leaders. The citizenry need individual leaders who will be ready to fight the injustices at the ports, at the police Stations, in the law courts, at the DVLA, in the offices, at the job markets, and generally in the system all over. The Auditor General’s report didn’t send any clear message to the government. Another corrupt institution is appointed to review it- “Obiara ba a saa”. Do you remember or you have a short memory? Let us look out for the victims of our corrupt society and assist them. The rot is too much! The diaspora Ghanaians suffer too many injustices at the Tema harbor. We treat them as though they committed crimes to ship their properties into the country and allow corrupt clearing and forwarding agents to defraud and dupe them. Their cars are impounded for demurrage and government officials pick whichever they desire and pay just a token fee to the government. This is criminal and injustice! Let us seek a new Ghana where justice will be evident everywhere.
Ken Atta-Boakye (
Virginia, Woodbridge.