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Sports Features of Friday, 22 August 2014

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Afriyie Ankrah must provide answers to these questions

Hon. Afriyie Ankrah must provide answers to these questions at the commission.

Former Youth and Sports Minster, Hon Elvis will today appear before the Presidential Commission of Inquiry to tell his side of the story surrounding the nation’s appearance at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Speaking under oath Hon. Afriyie Ankrah is required to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Sitting back, I expect the following questions to be thrown at him for answers.

1. The number of Supporters who travelled to BRAZIL.

2. How and why Payments to Travels agents contracted by the World Cup Committee were not paid. And how the Presidency had to FINALY come to rescue the situation by injecting funds to airlift the supporters between the 7th to 15th June, 2014.

3. How the First Aircraft that was to airlift the money to the Brazil did not fly to Brazil.

4. How Fred Darko could travel from Ghana with over $400 000 dollars in his luggage.

5. How it had to take the Presidential Aircraft as the last resort to fly the money to the players at the time the agitation amongst the players were rife?
Can we or the public hazard a guess of sabotage? If yes who and what was the intention?

6. How a flight could leave the shores of Ghana on the very day of the match between Ghana and Portugal. This aircraft was in the airwaves of BRAZIL when the pilot announced Ghana lost to PORTUGAL and we are out of the World Cup.

7. Hon. Elvis will tell us how he could not include the Ministry of Sports in the administration of the World Cup committees.

8. When the accommodation for supporters was secure.

9. When the match tickets of $161 0000 were secured

10. Where the remaining match tickets of over 1500 left are to be used as souvenirs

11. Why the plane to Fortaleza could not take supporters

12. Why the plane to Brasilia could not take supporters

13. Why supporters had to watch the games on TV in BRAZIL

14. Why he chose to take supporters to the village in Natal

15. Why he chose to be feeding the supporters when they were advised to pay per diems

16. Why upon feeding the supporters he could not still give them per diem

17. Why they arrived at $50 dollars feeding money per day for each supporter and could not still give each a per diem

18. Why he lied on Metro TV that no official from the FA and MOYS received bonuses or appearance fees

19. Why he secured a hotel in Natal city to host Ambassadors and friends and supporters had to stay in a village

20. What was the basis of appointing three travel agents?

21. Why he appoint three travel agents and still get the supporters stranded

22. What he went to BRAZIL to do on the 4th June 2014?

23. Why he flew to Ghana on the 8th June 2014 just to come and organize a press conference on the 9th June 2014

24. Why he flew to Washington on the 9th June,2014 to organize a fund raising activity when the Black Stars were serious preparing in Miami

25. Why he chose not to be in Miami with the black stars

25. Why he could not be in any meeting with the black stars to negotiate their appearance fees

26. Why he sent Hon. MUSTAFA Ahmed and Hon. Adu Asare to Montenegro to discuss appearance fee matters again when Cabinet had concluded on giving the players $82500

27. Why he could not conclude the appearance fee matters in Ghana before they black stars flew to Holland

28. Why he could not conclude the appearance fee matters in Holland with the players before they left to Miami

29. Why he could not follow the team to Miami directly from Holland

30. Why he came to Ghana after the Holland game on the 2nd June?
1. Why he could not conclude or pay the Travel agents between 2nd to 4th June?


33. Why he could not sit in the meeting to conclude with the Travel agents on the 4th June 2014 and left to the airport immediately the meeting was about to start?

34. Why he DID NOT ALLOW HIS DEPUTY TO CHAIR that meeting on the 4th June in his office but rather made Joel Nettey, Horace Ankrah, Dentaa Amoateng, Bentum, Ben Nunoo Mensah, Rebecca of the secretariat, Mawutor and ALMIGHTY FRED DARKO?

35. Why he could not secure a single flight before 4th June

36. Why he could not PAY any of the travel agents before 4th June

37. Why his committee could not raise funds to PAY THE TRAVEL AGENTS between 4th and 8th June whilst he was in BRAZIL

38. Why he could not meet the travel agents on the 9th of June to make sure they are paid?

39. Why did he fly to Washington when the travel agents are not paid to provide services?

40. Whilst he was away and could not be part of the meeting on the 4th June, 2014, can he tell Ghanaians what his committee members did to make sure the agents are paid?

41. What happened between the 7th -9th June when travel agents were invited in meetings?

42. Where was his Deputy Minister?

43. How many sponsors came ONBOARD to support?

44. What was the outcome of the TEXT AND WIN PROMOTION organized by mobile content?

45. What role did his deputy minister play in the World Cup project

46. What happened to winners of the text and win promotion?

47. What happened to KIND DONATIONS from sponsors?

48. How much was raised from sponsors?
49. How was it spent?
50. How many times did each committee member travel to BRAZIL?
51. What was the basis for the trip?
52. Why was the committee formed?
53. When he publish the ROAD MAP DOCUMENTS for BRAZIL 2014?
54. How the agents were paid FINALY to airlift supporters
55. When was the payments made to travel agents?
56. Can he provide us the Manifest?
57. How much was the cost for the three charters?
58. What was the capacity of the Aircraft?
59. When was the airlines paid?
60. How many supporters could the sponsorship take to BRAZIL?
61. What analysis was made before arriving at picking three travels agents?
For the records Elvis has said on Metro TV that management Committee members were not paid appearance fees. If i remember he indicated that every penny spent will be accounted for.

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