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Opinions of Friday, 29 April 2016

Columnist: Dabbousi, Fabi

Electoral masturbation & NDC baboonism

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By Fadi Dabbousi

Ghanaians beware! The mediocrity of electing a baboonish government afflicted with a "trial and error" syndrome can only result in development in another country to your detriment. How can we sit unconcerned when the dirge of our demise is being written by a group of bandits in Power? How can we be silent over the pernicious strategy of John Mahama and his cronies to bring development to TOGO with our nation's money when our children go to school on an empty s
tomach right here in Ghana, and as close to the Presidency as the Flag Staff House.

We told the whole nation that the NDC is constructing roads in Togo while those that lead to your houses within the peripheries of Ghana are as rough and the Bemaraha limestone hills of Madagascar. The NDC is constructing KVIP toilets, Clinics, and so on there, as well as extending electricity from the Volta to the Togolese villages. Meanwhile back home in Ghana, Ghanaians suffer to pay an increased tariff to use the toilet in the morning are at anytime. The KVIP toilet charges have gone up due to the economic constraints, yet John Mahama is providing this service free to Togolese. This announcement was made to take effect on May 1, 2016.
Please, has John Mahama been made the President of Togo? Where is Faure Gnassingbe Eyadema? Has he abdicated the Togolese Presidency and handed Power over to John Mahama?
When Ghanaians cannot afford a decent meal a day, John Mahama seems to be doling out wealth to Togolese in cash and kind. How can any explanation be accepted to justify this outrageous governance. He must have wanted to show all this benevolence to Ghanaians, but lost his way and treaded into Togo where our machines and money are helping foreigners scathe by at the expense of our survival.

Kokoon Anyidaho, refused to refute these claims because you cannot lie when the scandalous truth is staring you in the face. This further cemented the fact that the NDC has been caught pants down masturbating their electoral dreams of winning another term in office. Ghanaians must sit up and say enough is enough! What is the meaning of this, Mr President? Baboonism is characteristic of the NDC and their government presided over by a master chef in corruption and good story telling. He is never bereft of stories to attempt an invidious justification of the unacceptable.

John Mahama, instead of lying about the nursing jobs and bribing opinion leaders with TVs and other kind of enticements, please have a sober reflection and repeat to yourself, in honesty, the rhetoric that you slap Ghanaians with continually. You will be disgusted just thinking about how you have taken the good people of this country for granted.

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