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Opinions of Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Columnist: Jawando, Muhammed Suraj

Kennedy Agyepong, “Pepeni, Watchman’s Son” & Tribalism

[He called Bature ‘Pepeni’, a derogatory word for people from the northern Ghana. According to him, Alhaji Bature had cracked heels; body odour and foul month; and was “a motherfucker,” Bature, you are a fool, ‘Jimini’ like that. He doesn’t know me. He is a band boy. “Kwasiea, mboasem kwasiakwa”. I challenge, lets meet, I will first kill you”. I will kill you first. A watchman’s son.” I will face you. If you’re a man let’s meet. Stupid fool”.] Is this what democracy has brought Mother Ghana to?

Yes, these were the exact words from a sitting Member of Parliament for Assin North, live on a radio station. The first question that I kept asking myself was, “how was Hon. Kennedy Ohene Agyepong elected to parliament??? I then remembered an African saying, “MONEY SWINE”. I accorded him his title “HONORABLE”, because one of the first cardinal principles in the house of “watchmen” is to teach their children how to respect both the young and old everywhere. But I think the son of a former justice of our beloved mother Ghana was not opportune enough to have. Don’t get me wrong, my first paragraph was the last part of an altercation between Alhaji Bature (a journalist) Hon. Kennedy Gypping. Yes, Alh. Bature called him a “Drug Baron”, an unsubstantiated allegation at this moment. Not too long ago, the job of a watchman was for the “pepeni”, but it’s become so lucrative that the like of Hon Agyepong and his irks have transformed the name to “SECURITY GUARD”, employing JSS and SSS graduates.

I thought the best Hon. Agyepong, with his educational background and degree in civil engineering, would have done, was to go to the police or sue Alhaji Bature for “character assassination”. He rather descended on an entire tribe “pepeni”, “watchman’s son and … Unless there is an iota of truth from what the “self proclaimed journalist” Alh Bature, whom I would not spend a second of my time reading his newspaper, is saying. Why is Hon Agyepong running away from justice on the smearing and tarnishing of his hard earned reputation and wealth? Not long ago, the presidential candidate of his party, NPP, was preaching tribal politics (“they think we the Akans are….”), TRIBALISM??? Then the NASARA CLUB of USA with the accusation that the President intentional snubbed the National Chief Imam from the ceremony of the Jubilee oil field, TRIBALISM??? Now Hon Kennedy Agyepong with the “PEPENI, WATCHMAN’S SON” gong, gong, Tribalism again???? Oh no NPP, where is the message? While Ghanaians are suffering from the NDC petrol price hikes, all you could offer us was tribal politics.
I’m not surprised that the man is walking scot-free on the street of the capital, after going on the airwaves threatening to kill. Parliament could not even censure him? The least said about the NDC government the better. How could the government of the day, which could not arrest its hooligans and hoodlums (FOOT-SOLDIERS), who go around stealing cars meant for auctions in Tamale, locking out DCEs & MCEs in broad day light, arrest a tribegoestic MP? Is President Mills that weak, as proclaimed by “Apostle Rawling”, or is he learning from his immediate predecessor, ex-Pres. JAK, who could not caution the Hon MP when he threatened to kill ex-Pres. Rawlings and wipe out his entire family. Does Hon Agyepong deserve to be on the street threatening to kill anyone that crosses his part (ask the DCE in his constituency) or needs to be locked up in a psychiatric institution for an observation of overdose of “adeanu” ala Alh, Bature?

Hon Agyepong must wake up from his slumber, because tribalism has no place in Ghana’s political dispensation in the “digital era”. Not long ago the vice-president of the nation from his own party was also “PEPENI and a WATCHMAN”S SON”, did he possess the balls to say that in his face? Yes, Hon MP, our great grandfathers were watchmen, but guess what they did with the hard earned genuine money? They invested it in their children’s education so that they will one day become presidents (Dr. Limann “pepeni”), vice-presidents (Alh. Aliu Mahama, John Mahama “pepeni”) ministers of states and members of council of state, professors &……. But what did the likes of his highness justice Agyepong do with their hard earned wealth? Raised a “Drug Baron”, as being alleged? Is Hon Agyepong frustrated that the “watchmen’s son can read and write, to the extent of becoming a seasoned journalist? I’m just happy that you’ve accepted one fact, you can’t call the 21 century “PEPENI” a WATCHMAN, but a “WATCHMAN’S SON. You got it RIGHT Hon.

Alhaji Muhammed Suraj Sulley Jawando (LRT)
New York Presbyterian Hospital
New York