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Opinions of Sunday, 25 October 2015

Columnist: Yawose, John

Afoko's suspension. Down NDC with treachery. Down with NDC madness,

NDC apparatchiks are all over the place spending time and energy making ugly and dirty noises about NPP Chairman Paul Afoko's suspension last Friday. NDC having been baked fully into dictatorship, despotism and totalitarianism and who are still infant learners in freedom and democracy turn round to describe NPP as undemocratic and that what happened last Friday was a disgrace to democracy. Others say Afoko should treat the suspension with the contempt it deserves. And still some say NPP should brace up to face court action against what they called this gross illegality whereby the NPP Vice Chairman Freddy Blay should convene and preside over such a meeting. It's interesting how NDC has arrogated to itself the right to dictate and stampede NPP as to how the latter should conduct their affairs. Worse of all, and typical of NDC who thrive on ethnocentrism, others like the idiotic butterball Sam George has read ethnocentrism in the NPP action saying NPP are against Northerners for suspending Paul Afoko.

I am not a lawyer so legal technicalities are not my stock and trade but common sense is always my guide. I comment on issues based on common sense. Somebody should tell these NDC goonish commentators that NPP are never afraid of court action and the threat from some quarters of going to court on the matter does not intimidate NPP. NPP believe in the rule of law and that the law must be tested at all times to enhance governance and administration. On Joy fm Newsfile last Saturday, NDC's Dr Clement Appak who has never impressed me with his childish arguments was all over the place predicting with glee that NPP will be faced with court actions on the matter soon. So what? Tell him NPP are on top of what they are doing.
Perfidous NDC whole argument is that by the NPP constitution, no one has a right to convene steering committee and NEDC meetings apart from the Chairman. That is the face of it. What about when NPP chairman deliberately refuses to call meetings for 2 weeks, for 4 weeks and for 6 weeks and on very urgent matters? Then by the wicked NDC position, NPP operational and implementations problems and issues should never be discussed. So then, such a Chairman should hold back NPP and he should cripple NPP and he should continue to frustrate NPP forever- to levels that nothing works in the party and no decision is taken on important issues. So NPP machinery should sit down and keep quite because Paul Afoko is a Northerner and if he is touched NDC will say NPP don't like Northerners? To me, NDC sound absurdly wicked, mischievous and satanic with that line of thinking.

Paul Afoko and his new NDC friends must be careful since no court will find merit in their intended case of illegal assembly of NPP NEC.
Furthermore, Paul Afoko failed about 3 or 4 times to face the Disciplinary Committee of NPP to answer grave charges against him and for how long should NPP be waiting for him in the run-up to 2016?

I know in law there is something like trial in absentia. Now the disciplinary Committee having fished sittings and written their report presented it to NEC for consideration. The subject of last Friday meeting was a disciplinary matter concerning the Chairman and are NDC arguing that Chairman Afoko himself should have convened the National Council meeting? NDC clearly don't wish NPP well and their stand is spurious. As far as I understand administration, when the issue involves disciplinary action against the chairman, it is within the purview of the vice- chairman to initiate the meeting. This is common sense. Vice Chairman Freddie Blay did the right thing by convening last Friday meeting.

The forward march of NPP has begun. NDC are never with NPP so they should go to the Gonja forest and tell their ugly stories to the monkeys there. Let the matter go to court for the judges to determine the case of illegality of Chairman Afoko's suspension. The law is there but common sense is also there. I dare say that the judges have minds but NDC don't have minds. I laugh at NDC ignorance. Down with NDC treachery. Down with NDC hypocrisy and perfidy.

John Yawose