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Opinions of Thursday, 17 November 2011

Columnist: Avevor, Victor

Ade Coker “breached” NDC code of conduct

I wish to state that the suggestive report leaked to the
press by some persons at the Greater Accra NDC Regional Office on the candidacy
of Ras Mubarak amounts to a breach of confidence and a violation of Article 39,
clause E. of the NDC constitution which enjoins all NDC members to “show
loyalty to the party at all times and in particular ensure that any
confidential matters of the party are not divulged to unauthorized persons.”

If NDC regional Chairman Ade Coker is the one behind this,
as reported in sections of the media, then he has in an attempt to hurt the
campaign of Ras Mubarak, breached the NDC’s code of code conduct.

It was completely unnecessary and cheap for a regional
officer, who should be seen to be brokering peace in the party, to tell the
press Ras Mubarak’s “fate is hanging in
the balance” because of views he held hitherto to the NDC presidential primary.
It is a wrong signal to the nation and playing directly into the hands of
people who claim President Rawlings and his friends are being hounded out of
the party.

For the information of the person or persons behind the
leaked report, disqualifying Ras Mubarak because he’d been critical of government
will amount to discrimination and a complete violation of Article 17, and
clause 3 of the 1992 constitution of the Republic of Ghana.

The NDC is a very democratic party and its constitution clearly
spells out the requirements for contestants for the position of parliamentary
candidate in Article 43 clause 9 of the party’s constitution. Ras Mubarak has
met the requirements of both the National and NDC constitutions. If he is recommended
for disqualification not because he didn’t meet constitutional requirements but
because of his criticism of government, then God save us all.

The party has a lot
of work to do ahead of the 2012 election; and the base of the party is yearning
for unity. Ras Mubarak has showed a strong commitment to uniting the party not
just at national level but at constituency level where he has been preaching
unity as the tool for winning the Ablekuma North seat from the NPP.

I don’t agree with Ras Mubarak on everything, but he is by
far the best person to lead the NDC and represent Ablekuma North constituency
in parliament.

Ras Mubarak has the strength and depth to face the NPP
candidate in the 2012 Parliamentary election. The voter population of Ablekuma
North is yearning for a younger leader; voters are looking for someone dynamic,
smart and compassionate.

Ras is also already familiar with national politics; he is
friends with sitting MPs from the majority and minority sides and would not be
intimidated or overwhelmed by the work in the House. He has, on many occasions debated
some opposition MPs on Radio and Television; he has the gift of the gab and
very determined to make a positive difference in Ablekuma North. He would be an
asset to the NDC in parliament.

In my judgment, it is Ras Mubarak who should be the next
parliamentary candidate of the NDC in Ablekuma North. He is the candidate who
would get my vote.

Victus Avevor.

(The author is a delegate and NDC Chairman, Awoshie
Apostolic Preparatory School Branch Ablekuma North).
Tel: 0245166069