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Opinions of Thursday, 1 August 2013

Columnist: Ayitey, Nii Noi

Ade Coker Deserve Better

It has come to our attention as NDC youth in greater Accra that there are some elements within the ruling NDC in the greater Accra region who are working hard to erode all the hard work that has been put into the NDC party by the greater Accra regional chairman of the NDC Mr. Ade Coker.

Certain groups have even adopted a tribal approach – asking that Mr. Ade Coker not be retained as regional chairman in the upcoming regional elections not because he has failed in his duties, but because he is not a GA native. In the UK when a Ghanaian achieves high laurels and gets into their parliament, we applaud them here in Ghana and celebrate them even though there is racial discrimination in that country so why try to do the opposite here when our people with diverse background within our regions excel even though they do not hail from those regions as in the case of Mr. Ade Coker?

We see this to be very unfortunate coming from within the NDC because our party adheres to the principle of non – discrimination by tribal lines in its affairs. Besides, the NDC party has always condemned the opposition NPP for tribalism within their ranks. It is therefore very alien for people who claim to be true NDC to be calling for the head of a hard working regional chairman just because he is not a GA native.

We will like to remind such persons and those behind them that the greater Accra is not only for Gas but all Ghanaians and even foreigners. They must therefore desist from inflaming tribal passions just to fuel other people’s political ambitions – if they truly love the NDC - because what they are doing now is not in the interest of the party. No particular one tribe can stand by itself in any party.

We wish to state that Mr. Ade Coker is visibly by far the hardest working regional chairman of the NDC and should rather be commended and rewarded for his hard work and loyalty with tenure of office for the next four years. We are sure the wise delegates will determine that. Despite his high profile position within the National Executive committee (NEC) and Functional executives committees (FEC) of the NDC, Mr. Ade Coker still personally engage the media every morning defending and promoting the better Ghana agenda – a job he could easily delegate to other people.

In our view, Mr. Ade Coker deserve better from the party and its followers especially in the greater Accra region. His organizational and communication skills as well as his human relations with party foot soldiers is even more needed now in the greater Accra region than ever as the ruling NDC tries to maintain power beyond 2016.

We are calling on the national executives of the NDC party to quickly put a halt to these divisive and parochial tendencies emerging from within the party before it destroys our chances for the next elections.

We the greater Accra NDC youth will resist this emerging tendency with all our might and reiterate that we are fully backing the reelection of Mr. Ade Coker as the greater Accra regional chairman of the NDC for better party organization.