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Opinions of Saturday, 19 January 2013

Columnist: Wuni, Ras Iddi

Bawku Municopal Authority Reactionary Meeting

I wrote three feature articles which have been published on GhanaWeb on the recent unfortunate shootings in Bawku in which one Amando died as a result and three others sustaining injuries.

In my first article i was of the opinion that it is possible to arrest those criminal who attempted disturbing the peace the good people of Bawku are enjoying. In my second article i pointed out that our leaders, political and security must be held accountable by the good people of Bawku and that they must act as their responsibility, to keep the people safe from such criminal acts. In my third article yet to be publish and which certainly will not be my last, is on the fact that the good people of Bawku do not need any imposition of curfew as suggested by the MCE and the Police Commander. Rather what they need to see them doing is to ensure that justice is seen to be done.

I read in today's news that the Acting Regional Minister has reiterated the general understanding by all of us that, the recent act was criminal act base on the assesment of the Municipal Security Council. As a matter of fact i do not dispute that fact because no matter how you look at it, it still criminal for any person or group of persons to do that. But is that really the concern of all of us, i mean the good people of Bawku? I really don't think so. I believe what is the concern of the people is that, what are the measures taken to bring these unwanted criminals to book and let justice take its course?

In that same news report, it is said that the Municipal authorities are also meeting all ethnic groups in Bawku on Thursday over the development. Sincerely, i believe this is highly laudable and in the best interest of the good people of Bawku. I am hoping and praying all the ethnic groups that would be invited to such meeting would do well and attend. That notwithstanding, i cite with the Executive Director of the West African Network for Peace Building, Emmanuel Bombande that the meeting is rather reactionary. But again very necessary i must say. I also agree with Mr. Bombande that the authorities must call regular meetings among the various ethnic groups to foster peace in the area.

Thank you all and let's continue to advocate for peace and justice in our homeland, Bawku.

Ras Iddi Wuni Jnr.