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Opinions of Friday, 25 November 2011

Columnist: Yarkwah, Edward

ADISCO Will Not Admit Students Under ‘Red’ Line

Ghana is hard, but it is being made harder by some unscrupulous individuals who think the world and the future of individuals lie in their pockets. Why? On what grounds will a head of a school refuse to admit students posted to that school through the computer –select system. The annoying part of the whole thing is that some of the so-called below the red-line students have been admitted and the school authorities continue to admit students; what is going on? Better Ghana Agenda indeed!

It looks as if once the students are posted to schools the MOE and the GES find a nice fluffy bed and relax. Ineptitude becomes the order of the day. Who born dog; for a head of a school to defy the policy of an institution like the MOE? Recently, his Excellency, the president was in Cape Coast to commission some projects. We were told that the head of the school promised parents she was going to admit their wards whose names have been selected by the computer. The moment the president left she told them to go to hell and that she would not admit such students into the school. Is it a case of each and every head of a school doing what suits him or her? By this piece I am calling on the government, the MOE and the GES to intervene before it is too late. YABRE MO. We are tired with this administrative ineptitude and naivety.

Are these other children not Ghanaians? Let any of the heads be bold and tell Ghanaians that their children irrespective of their results are at home doing nothing. As for this school’s head times that are meant for work are spent on preaching for God knows what? So parents have to wait till he finishes with that. Don’t pray and have their quite time at home with their maker? We are still waiting. Any delays will only lead me to the court.

By Edward Yarkwah, Cape Coast.