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Opinions of Saturday, 21 January 2012

Columnist: Sani, Abu

ADISCO Wayomie

Thank you for your time. We are being compelled to write this stuff for the reading public. For some few months the name of Adisadel College has made the headlines on Ghana web to the disgust of some old boys who we believe are genuinely concern. But as students of this school we are also concern especially when we consider what is going on this school. What has led us to react is the last week publication about the change of Mr. Opare from the Asst. Headmaster Academic to a lower post of that of Asst. H.M. Domestic instead of Asst. H.M. Administration. Nigger Gee we are aware there are some good teachers who you don’t like so you’ve removed them and put your people in their places. Why Nigger “Gee”? Do you think about this school or your personal interest? We greeted your woman with boos.
When Sasabonsam has left to Abakrampa why didn’t put Mr. Opare there but you put Madam “Bond fee” there? You want us to pay more bond fee?. Our parents don’t have money to pay the 50 and 70 Ghana cedis no more. You see, Nigger, we don’t believe in anything you say because you always say it but you don’t do it. We always talk about the things that worry us at the Opening Forum but you always give only promises. Have you see that students don’t come and talk again? Is because you always tell lies and you use Jesus name too. Why? You make us pay for the internet in the school and you don’t allow us to brows why? We are compel to cross the street to brows but will you be happy if any student is dead?
Why is it that Kwabotwe boys do well in athletics than our team. All of us the students pay money and when we calculated we have money reaching 8000 Ghana cedis. So why are not doing well. Kwabotwe headmaster is always at the park but you don’t come why? Do you want us fail in everything we do? You see, Kwabotwe beat us in everything and sports too? You always travel, which headmaster travel by hart like that. You, you don’t like the school, so why don’t you go away?
Our classrooms are very dirty and the boys go to town by hart and watch TV and football. When school was vacating you told us that our school pay small electricity bill; we have done well and we should clap. So we clap but the school is too dark from the gate to the school top so how can we pay big electricity bills. Our friends in other schools laugh us but because you sit in the car you are happy. Some of us have regretted coming to this school. Some us come to this school because the brothers said the school is good but you, you want to destroy the college. You don’t like school that is why you send your son to Kwabotwe . okay Nigger Gee you don’t like the school so GO AWAY. YOU HAVE WAYOMIE THE SCHOOOL PLENTY, GO AWAY.