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Opinions of Thursday, 15 October 2015

Columnist: Sarpong Osei Richard

A letter to my Ex: It was a mixed feeling moment at your wedding

Dear Abena,

"in His own time and wisdom, He does all things better". Finally, the boundary between us is no more a line but a built wall.

You are gone for good. Yes, because you are now a married woman. Not until that faithful day, I still had doubts that we've parted from our relationship considering the cordial chain between us as parted partners.

Either you or I will call almost everyday asking about how each other is doing and doing the normal things we used to do. At a point, Sister Ama asked me "if indeed we've broken up" and when I said yes, she seems to have certain doubts in her was because we were almost behaving the same way as we were close partners.

Abena, last Sunday, was a day of mixed feelings for me and I know you too. Yes, you too. But before I proceed, I would want to apologise for my late show up at the ceremony.

In my last letter, I promised to cancel all my plans and schedules for that week in other to buy more time for your event but, unfortunately, I couldn't keep that promise.

Sorry my dear. Something equally important came across that I have to make an emergency journey to Accra. So, I had to come from Accra to Kumasi that same Sunday for your event. That is why I was late at your wedding ceremony. But like the saying goes, "it is better late than never", I finally showed up at the place.

Abena, I reached the SDA church premises (venue for the event) at exactly 15:07GMT with Maame Bee. As I sighted you from the far away entrance of the church, your head was turned down. I stood for almost 5 minutes until I saw your twin sister who was your maid of honor, whisper something into your ears. Afterwards, I saw you raised your head up and just as you looked into my face and me doing same, I was happy to see that fantastic smile on your face.

At that moment, it was mixed feelings of joy and sorrow in my heart and from your looks, I saw same in you. To pass a quick compliment, you looked so catchy and prettier in that wedding gown. It was beautiful. You looked so royal in the dress.

As someone I know well, I never expected anything shorter and of less quality than that long heel shoe you were wearing. At a moment, I became very sad to have lost you forever to another man. For the first time in many years, tears took my eyes in public. I wonder how you felt when you could not locate me after the M.C had called you and your husband to fall out of your chairs? I can tell you thought I left the grounds. No, but it was at that moment I had to run to the back of the church building to put myself together. There was no way I could disappoint you at the happiest moment of your life.

As a grown man ready to face life no matter the ups and downs, it was normal for me to come back to normalcy. Some of the people who knew we've had an affair and those who knew the circumstances which led to our break up, were seemingly suprised to have seen me at the place.

One of them had to call me to joking compliment me for that, 'if I were you, wouldn't even come near this premises for some years'..she said to me but I busted into laughter and replied," such is life".

Amongst the most suprised persons was your own mother, as she noticed me on her extreme left in a chair, she came up to me to shake my hand and said to me, God bless you for coming" but this was something even if I expected, it should be after the whole programme. Your younger brother wasn't an exception. He was the first relative of you I met at the place.

Big girl, I wish you once again a happy marriage and a fruitful womb.
I cannot erase your name from my good books neither can I forget you in my world but for now, you are a married person that I had to be cautious with some of the things I say and do to you. You are now somebody's legally wedded wife so excuse and understand me if the calls and texts do not continue as we have been doing sometimes ago.

Again, be faithful and respectful to your husband..I wouldn't want to hear any news contrary to such attitudes. For you, I can bet my life that you are a good woman and for that matter you will be a good wife. Please do not disappoint me.

I wish you and your husband all the best of marriage and life, if anything comes along the line, see no further than the Lord Almighty who brought you together.

Abena, I'm still searching and I will surely let you know her when I find one as I promised you. Let me know whenever you need my Godly services.
Keep the fire burning!! Me ma month aware so ooo...!!

Thank you.

Yours truly