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Opinions of Saturday, 27 February 2021

Columnist: Hibbatullah Wumpini

A letter to STC

STC bus STC bus

Dear STC,

I would first of all commend your services with regards to taking people to their various destinations safely, comfortable and the politeness of your workers.

You're doing so marvelous that every traveler wants to patronize your services, but I’ve noticed some few over sights worthy your consideration. I'm confident this would lead to the satisfaction of majority of your customers.

In fact, I’ve lost count of the number of times I used your busses from Tamale to Accra. Sincerely, I must say and recommend you once again that, you're the best. It was interesting using your transport service to my finally destination

I have encountered all the movies you show in your buses are mostly Ashanti movies(Kumahood). It’s only once I’ve seen you showed a movie that is coted to comedy skit speaking the English language. And aside that, from my past and present experiences, everything is always based and showed in the Twi language.

I am not trying to play tribal cards here neither I am against the fact that you show Kumahood movies, but on the contrary have you ever thought of people who don't understand Twi??

The bus timely depart from Northern Ghana to the South, have you ever thought of sparing some time to give well study of your passengers and then go ahead to decide as to what type of movies to be shown?

Have you ever consider the possibility of passengers on board who do not speak nor understand twi would be of a high percentage than those who do in the bus?

I’m a northerner, I don’t understand nor speak Twi, Not everyone speaks and understand Twi, even some people in south don’t understand and ever since it’s been Twi, are you trying to tell us (we who don’t understand Twi) that whether we understand or not, we either watch or sleep?

I must say it’s been nice and interesting ones you’ve been showing looking at how those who understand are always laughing and engaging each other about it, but then, how do we do we also enjoy them if we don’t understand?

Showing movies with subtitles in Twi is not a problem, showing English movies is not also a problem or even Northern based movies.

There are other passengers who complain about this same phenomenon, some argue that other transport companies like OA and the rest do consider these things carefully. Yet people still patronize their service.

Nonetheless, have you also thought of the number of children that are always on board?

Have you ever thought of what would make them feel happy and comfortable? Can you measure the kind of happiness and excitement in a child who’s watching cartoons?

I’ve never entered your bus without children being there also, and do you know what they ask their parents sometimes? “Mummy please do cartoons, I don’t like this one”, “Mummy which movie is this?” , “Mummy can you off it?” Why’s that?

I bet you, you would be surprised to know the number of adults who would leave whatever they were doing just to watch cartoons and animations.

On Thursday, at about 8pm, we were still around Pokuase, they were showing a movie about Ghost, she vanishing and beating people near to death and scaring others, someone going to the cemetery to ask her for forgiveness for horrible reasons.

Honestly speaking, even though it was a movie but I was so terrified and already I was exhausted how much more a child? A child who gets scared easily? A child who can’t sleep after watching something so scary?

Do you think a ‘Ghost movie’ is best to show around 8pm to children that are exhausted and trying to sleep? Even adults?

On Sunday on my way back, we were given a 2016 bus, the problem is not the bus being a 2016 made, but how old and rough it was, was it a good idea to use such a bus for a long journey? We departed at 7am and got to Tamale at 9pm almost 10pm and again with the movies you showed, it wasn’t fun even one bit.

Dear STC, you have been doing a very good work and I will recommend and still choose you even when I die and come back, but you can do better. Thank You.