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Opinions of Monday, 1 February 2021

Columnist: Adjei Boakye

A leader you can trust

Emmanuel Boakye Yiadom is among the Presidential candidates contesting for NUGS President Emmanuel Boakye Yiadom is among the Presidential candidates contesting for NUGS President

It's time time to speak the truth. The truth hurts but it heals too.

This thing called politics is about choices. It's about who you believe in and thinks can deliver. It has nothing to do with the casting of aspersions and innuendos.

The philosophy counts a lot...and it serves as a road map to operate on. I believe in student politics because normally, it helps people to showcase their God-given talent (leadership proclivity ). It has its challenges but better still, it's doing well in our body politics.

I won't waste your time and ears my people, but I've something to tell you. Yiadom Boakye Emmanuel is a leader. He is spellbindingly affable, knightly and a unifier who dazzles mesmerizes, and discharges his duties after the scale with stellar marks. His Bel Espirit quality is unmatched in his elements. His comments and recommendations are terse, laced with palpable wisdom.

I'm not saying all these based on the relationship I've with him but I know those within and outside his circles can attest to it. He is a leader you can trust. He is not averse to dissenting views because he believes progress would be impaired without it.

What makes him happy? What would he give to make other people happy?
As much as he believes in happiness, he believes in opportunities...All they need is an opportunity...and they will be happy.

I call him Churchill because he exhibits traits reminiscent of the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Yiadom Boakye Emmanuel is here to contest as the national NUGS President. I am clear in heart and mind. I set this ode with no vestige of ingratiation. A courageous, commanding leader who is endowed with the wherewithal to steer the affairs of NUGS. He is ready to bring reverence to the seat...

Let us rally behind him... because his victory is our victory.
A leader you can trust.

With him, "movement no b3fa, na y3n nyinaa b3didi."

Thank you.