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Opinions of Monday, 25 May 2020

Columnist: Norshie Israel

A glance at the imperfect me; through the lenses of a picture perfect world

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It all started when I got my first job. I sucked at it for two months and made countless mistakes, but later warmed up to it and learned progressively till date. The pats on the back and the sound of phrases like: “perfect job done”, “you are one of the best we have here”, among others, are yet to seize.

Soon enough, I had become the “star” boy and "go-to guy" for fresh recruits when the need for tutelage arose. Oh, I enjoy this spot. I won a number of awards and got some promotions for the “perfect jobs done”. So I ask myself... if I can be this perfect at my job, why can’t I live a perfect life? After all, that’s what family and friends expect from me.

'Yes, I can' was what I told myself always. I have seen people live their perfect lives on social media, some have told me about their perfect friends and partners, the others, I've watched on TV. Even some self-styled motivational speakers virtually painted a picture of a worthwhile journey for the young me to embark on.

The journey to a perfect life began for me, but… the shock and surprise it came with was catastrophic as I doggedly made a fool of myself in that pursuit until I came to the realization that my perfect job done in the office can’t be replicated into a perfect life – it’s a mirage. I went on a fruitless journey.

It became apparent I was chasing the wrong thing; my ladder was leaning against the wrong wall. I found out only when I got to the top. It was sad I came to this painful awakening after I had burnt bridges, lost valuable friendships and relationships all because I was aiming for a perfect life and was expecting to deal with perfect people who don’t exist.

“Life never came with a manual nor blueprints, and what worked for A may not work for B”. This advice pricked me back to the consciousness that unlike my job that came with a manual and blueprint which became a routine that I performed and mastered, no one can master life. The advice of those who have trod this road is vital, but not final – I need to put in the work.

I did not manage my relationships and expectations. The funny part is I have been blind to my own mistakes, shortcomings, and imperfections, but could only see that of others.

What a lie I was living! This is not how to live, but rather how to die young. I was completely whole and yet never content because I allowed others to project themselves, their fears, and insecurities on me. From now on, I defy that. I will saunter on my own path and live like ME; live my best life, live my imperfections on a journey not to perfection but to be the best version of me.

Perfection is overrated, but shoddiness is not welcomed either. I’m on a journey to turn my weaknesses into my greatest assets. Learning to be me because if every piece to a puzzle were a perfect square the puzzle would only fall apart. The same holds for human beings: We complement one another with our little imperfections.

Never again will I allow someone’s stage performance to interrupt my backstage preparation. Dare not compare because everything is cast in the best light possible and every story is told through the most flattering lens available. For me, I’m done with clout chasing, when “kraa” did imperfection became inadequacy?

Maybe we are just a sad generation posting perfect pictures and telling perfect lies as stories. However, it’s at your own risk to allow those beatific pictures and stories from others define you or become your yardstick of how well you are doing or how best you are trying.

The world at this time has slowed down, so we can take some time to recoup and learn to live our truth devoid of pretense and the gratuitous edge to impress. Learn to be you because the world awaits your greatness and unique contributions.

Perfection is a journey, but not a destination. It never ends, enjoy your continuous ride.

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The writer is by name Norshie Israel, or better still Kwesi Omega, a Public Relations and Communication student and enthusiast. A professional MC and an ardent believer.