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Opinions of Wednesday, 17 February 2016


A country call Ghana

Sometimes I ask myself; what at all is happening in Ghana. A country full of hypocrisy and abuse of incumbency. What at all can this country boast of in this 21st century? Mediocrity manages the nation. The truth they don't want to say. Even when we are crying, they interpret as laughter. Even when we are drowning, it is being interpreted as enjoying the pool. When will we change?

The time has come for someone to tell the president to stop responding to critics and work. What sought of leadership style is this Mr. President? Please sit up. It is about time you stop giving cheeky answers and respond positively to our plight as a nation.

You told Ghanaians that we have short memories. Sooner or later we forget things. You told the CPP man dat he is suffering from myopic something something. You told us that you have dead goat syndrome. You told us dat Ashantis doesn't appreciate anything so even if you tarred their roads with gold they will still say you've done nothing. Is this how a president behave to those who gave him power?

This is so shameful when we are being led by such a person. Someone who said it is exercise in mediocrity if u pride yourself of building roads and providing infrastructures. Now you turn around to be hailed for providing same things. Someone who said free education is not possible in Ghana is now singing the choruses of free education. Who at all is this man?

Mr. President, please sit up because you are accountable to the good people of Ghana. 2016 is just around the corner.