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Opinions of Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Columnist: Poku, Kwadwo

In Defends Of Kennedy Agyapong

By Kwadwo Poku

For the past week the character of the Hon. Ken Agyapong has been assassinated for going 'tribal' in his bid to defend himself of a falsehood leveled against him on national radio by Alhaji Bature. We all know what was said, so allow me avoid redundancies and hazy generalities on the subject. But the question haters of this shrewd businessman/parliamentarian should ask is WHAT WAS HE TO DO AFTER THE DRUG DEALER LABEL. Was he to just say I'm not a drug dealer, you are lying or it is not true? Are you kidding me? I know he is a parliamentarian and for that matter should have avoided being indecorum on air, but we seem oblivious to the potential implications that may ensue as a result of this journalistic blunder. This allegation was not made in camera (privately), it was made on national radio, picked up by other news outlets and continues to journey through cyber technology.

Folks we live in an age where being suspected of terrorism, money laundering, drug dealings et al could put one on the no fly list and impede one's travels abroad. What if an international security agency is fed with this unfounded allegation and decides to put Mr. Agyapong on the list. I am not in any way, shape, manner or form condoning his indecorum reaction, but please let's give him a break. He reacted in the heat of the moment, saying things on the spur of the moment to counter the drug dealer label which was motivated by jealousy and the politics of personal destruction. I know the MP personally. He may be guilty of arrogance, guilty of condescension and guilty of being braggadocios. But he is certainly not a drug dealer.

To be honest, given the potential implications of this legless allegation, Ken Agyapong was magnanimous in limiting his reaction to only insults and threats in my opinion. Because had it been yours truly, slaps would have followed. I say this neither with tongue in cheek nor just being facetious, but I say this firmly cause the drug dealer tag is more serious than going 'tribal' on a journalist whose watery brain lacks coagulation.

Kwadwo Poku N Y