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Opinions of Friday, 6 July 2007

Columnist: Aka-eri, Francis Aka-ebila

A Word To The Honourable AU Chairman

Your Excellency, you and most of our African leaders have let us down. You have spent our taxes for nothing. Because, what we wanted is not what you brought home tonight. And tonight Africans morn Nkrumah and his great allies who stood for this dream many years ago. May their wisdom filled souls, rest in perfect peace.

In talking about African unity, sometimes greedy politicians who sold their own people for pennies, would do anything hook or crook to buy time and remain in power. And that is what the African people see tonight. The current leadership of South Africa, Uganda and Nigeria are such kind. They are packed with greed and their greed blinds them from making wise decisions that would benefit Africa and set Africans free. Our hearts are gloom as we morn Nkrumah and our minds cannot rest because only two African leaders out of the lot clearly understand his vision today. It is sad.

You and your colleagues have spent so much money, time and effort – talking big, only to accomplish nothing. You are the honourable president of Ghana, and Ghana is indeed a country all Africans adore. Simply because, you have made wise decisions, which speak well of the very fabric that moulds your being – first as an individual and then president of Mother Ghana, so what happen this time?

The United States of America began with thirteen states, but now number up to fifty and even beyond considering the great strides of Porto Rico today. The European Union was likewise formed with a few countries and still growing, even as Turkey frantically strives to join. So what are your fears about beginning the United States of Africa now? Do you think you can unify Africa - by first having the consent of all African leaders? This is not possible, because unlike you and a few other African leaders – the rest think it is all about being president and enjoying the toast and cheer of being a western puppet. They have no vision, yet their voices are loud and strong enough to control the destiny of Africa. When would Africa unite?

Your Excellency, like branches of the same tree and tributaries of the same river - we Africans are one people. And to be an African is to belong to this great ancient family, which believes in the African philosophy of one for all and all for one. Which clearly speaks volumes about why Nkrumah and the good people of Ghana gave away so much to stabilize Mali, Guinea and beyond, that all Africa would be one. We have awarded him a rich mausoleum, as a great African leader in Ghana, yet cannot on this day, rest his soul by making his golden dream for Africa come true.

We talk about conflicts in Africa, don't you and your narrow-minded brothers understand that by forming the United States of Africa, most of these western mercenaries and Arab extremists in Africa would fizzle out? Don' you understand that by simply uniting the African people all others things would fall in line? What would you do, if next time other African leaders who now see the need for African unity - no long hold their grounds on this issue? Would you unite by then? In one mind and voice, we the people of Africa say, "Forget the problems and the shortsighted amongst you and go ahead with what you have to build the United States of Africa." for time and tide waits on no man. Besides, Africans have nothing to loose by simply standing together as one.

Francis Aka-ebila Aka-eri

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