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Opinions of Saturday, 30 May 2015

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

A Very Serious Fatherly Advice to Kwabena Agyepong

Once again, circumstances have compelled me to come out to advise Mr Kwabena Agyepong, the embattled NPP General Secretary. Similarly as any caring father would persuasively advise their obstinate or wayward child, so shall I do to Kwabena. If he had listened to my published admonishing messages to him, he would never have found himself in his current unpalatable situation. I am doing this by extension of the popular Akan proverbs, "Agya bi wu a agya bi te ase" and "Se wo ba nne gu wo sere so a ye pepa na yen nntwa ntwene". The literally English translations of the proverbs are, "There is always a father-figure substitute for a demised father" and "When your baby/child defecates on your lap, you clean it up, but you do not cut the lap off" respectively.

I have always referred to Mr Kwabena Agyepong as my son by the fact his biological father belonged to the same Agona Clan as me. His father's nephew who inherited him after his father met his untimely death at the hands of J. J. Rawlings' murderous squad on 30th June 1982, was my best friend. Kwame Nyame was more of a brother to me than a friend from the same Agona Clan.

Kwabena, be it known to you that:

1. You are consumed by pride. However, it is said, "pride goes before a fall". Your unbridled enthusiasm to portray yourself as the Mister Almighty and Mr Know All, in the NPP, having no respect for anyone else, has today landed you in the land of "Had I known".
2. You have allowed yourself to be manipulated to serve the diabolical aspirations and interests of certain dubious persons and party that are not seeking the collective interests of Ghanaians, but their own.
3. You have allowed your selfish quest for wealth and power to cloud your gumption hence behaving as though the NPP is your privately created enterprise that you can run it on your own dictatorial terms.

You have completely erred. You need to apologise to the entire members of the NPP, all the suffering masses, for letting them down by your arrogance and malicious intents. You may well be a mole inside NPP, with an intention to cause the party's defeat in Election 2016, for reasons only best known to yourself.

I shall strongly advise you today, Thursday 28 May 2015, that "when the die is cast, there is no turning back". Now, majority of NPP members, sympathisers and the suffering Ghanaian masses have come to suspect you of working against the party. They have taken a decision to oblige you to step aside until the odour surrounding you, emanating from their suspicion that you are a mole, coupled with your suspected circumstantial involvement in the sorrowful demise of Mr Mahama Adams, the late NPP regional Chair of Upper East region, dissipates.

Until people's anger dissipates as the situation becomes clearer, I shall advise you to not further inflame their anger. You should not fan the glowing embers of their anger with the boisterous shots you are firing from your lair. The very people who employed you are in their greater numbers calling for your resignation or your "stepping aside". Can you swim upstream against the tide of a dangerously fast flowing river?

Do not continue to belittle yourself as if you have been robbed of your intelligence. You should have known better that you cannot by yourself, or with the combined efforts of those few faceless persons pushing you to act stubbornly malevolently bring about the disintegration of NPP. Be mindful that the alleged factional 4% membership in NPP to which you belong cannot cause the breakup of NPP no matter what they do. They can breakaway to form their own party, who cares.

It will be much better for them to leave the party if they so wish, as contagiously bad nuts as they are. Without them, the party can move forward peacefully to win election 2016 without the ongoing distracting hullabaloo.

Do not continue to lower your self-esteem to the point where because of you, some people will threaten the lives of others all for silly reasons. No matter what they do on your orders, or on the instructions of the employers you may secretly be working for, they cannot force people to show you compassion. Same as respect is earned but not commanded, so also is compassion earned but not commanded.

Instead of being utterly recalcitrant to NPP and the suffering Ghanaian masses by loquaciously talking back from your hideout, I will rather advise you to shut your mouth up. Send out a statement to empathise with NPP, especially, the bereaved family of Mahama Adams. It is only by regretting for your actions, inactions, omissions or commissions that have led to the present upheavals in NPP that you can in the end earn the sympathy of discerning Ghanaians. Your stubborn stance, whether it is your own decision or a manipulative decision forced on you by your probably secret employers, will not help you in the end.

If only you will listen to me this time around, it shall be well with you. Mind you, "it does not belong to he who is leading to redirect their steps". I shall never fight your corner as long as you remain the usual arrogant person who never wants to listen to any cogent advice, argument or criticism from anyone perceived by you as not in your camp.

Finally, do apologise profusely for letting Kennedy Agyapong down. He helped you win your position as the General Secretary of NPP, but today, look at the way you are paying him back. Many are those that are against him just for helping you to beat Sir John at the NPP internal Executive elections. Is the way you are misbehaving, contrary to his expectations the best way to recompense him for his kindness and support to you? I hope you will intervene to stop your facelessly aimless friends and sympathisers from carrying out any death threats against him. You will suffer a lot should NPP disintegrate or anyone killed in your name.

The good ear hears and believes and does exactly as the gospel truth preaches.

Rockson Adofo