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Opinions of Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement

A Sketch History Of Ghana Part 8

1. Who said: “Within 18 years that Rawlings was in power many things happened but you passed the test thanks for your message of good will, I am impressed as I sit by you, I can feel a spiritual change of baton between us? Ans Ex – Prez. Kufuor when he first visited Rawlings at the Osu Castle after winning the general elections in 2000.
2. What happened when NDC functionaries tried to attend the swearing in ceremony in front of Parliament House in January, 2001? Ans They were all ejected from their seats by NPP supporters and the so – called cordial relations between Rawlings and Kufuor degenerated into permanent hostility.
3. Who described Professor Mills as a “Chamber Pot” at an NPP rally in 2004 Ans Mr. Isaac Edumadze former Central Regional Minister in the presence of Ex – Prez. Kufuor who was even laughing.
4. Who said: “Soldiers cannot complain or exercise their freedom of speech Like civilians. If that were possible, you’d be surprised to hear our comments on the attacks on Flt. Lt. Rawlings. because we cannot talk now, our anger is bottled up in us. So touching Rawlings will give us a chance to EXPLODE, and when that happens, June 4 Uprising will be a child’s play Ans This statement was directed at President Kufuor by Anonymous Army Captain on July 19th 2004 on the several assassination attempts made on the life of J.J. Rawlings by the NPP government from 2001 – 2008.
5. Who told some leading chiefs from the Volta Region to “tell Rawlings to behave himself “Ans Ex-Prez. Kufuor.
6. Who said “Are you prepared to cede even a small part of your stool (Throne) to any one to occupy it just for a day? EX-Prez Kufuor’s question thrown at Otumfuo Osei Tutu II the Asante King who prevailed on him to reconcile with Rawlings.
7. Who thought that the only way to SUCCEED and SHINE and ATTRACT all respect and honour is to discredit and eliminate Rawlings who is standing between HIM AND GREATNESS Ans Ex-Prez. Kufuor who covets Rawlings’ Charisma and hopes that he die soon.
8. If Otumfuo Osei Tutu II the king of Asante could not reconcile Kufuor and Rawlings, who else can unite them in Ghana? Ans Nobody – so, we have to give Kufuor a gun and also give Rawlings a gun so that they meet Face to Face in an American Cowboy Style and we see the Best Marksman – Period.
9. Under which government did Ghanaians see the Executive Manipulation of the Legislature and Judiciary, political arrogance, lawlessness, injustice, impurity, nepotism, cronyism and the Nation divided like never before? Ans Ex – Prez Kufuor’s NPP government from 2001 – 2008
10. Which organization spear headed the Advocacy and got the Intestate Succession Law passed in 1985 Ans the 31st December Women’s Movement
11. What happened when Ex-Prez Kufuor introduced his ZERO TOLERANCE FOR CORRUPTION IN GHANA? Ans The Zero Tolerance applied to people who do not belong to the NPP, as for Kufuor’s NPP government. It was rather 100% tolerance for corruption from 2001 – 2008.
12. Whose assassination sparked the First World War which ended in mass destruction world wide and the death of over 30 million people? Ans Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Serbia
13. What was the REAL SITUATION IN GHANA before the June 4 Uprising in 1979? Ans The poor who formed the majority have lived on the verge of starvation; it was virtually impossible for most people to eat or care for the sick and clothe themselves within their income because of High cost of living.
14. Which group of people just did not care about the suffering of fellow Ghanaians before June 4 1979? Ans Market Women, shop owners and a host of foreigners as well as men in High positions were all party to the exploitation of the masses.
15. What about the Justice delivery system in Ghana at that lime Ans Morals and Discipline had virtually broken down, and the Ghanaian had lost his sense of Honesty and good neighbourliness and people were actually crying for Real Justice in 1979.

16. Which years did Ghanaians really find themselves coming fact to face with the TRUTH
Ans The June 4 Uprising in 1979 and the 31st December revolution in 1981.
17. Who said: I will shed my blood and die for one single Honest and Patriotic Ghanaian, but I will not die for a thousand fools Ans Former President Rawlings, then Chairman of the PNDC while inaugurating the Workers Defense Committee (W.D.C) members of the Ashanti Goldfields Company (AGC) at Obuasi on May 18th 1982.
18. Why did it take the whole Chairman of the PNDC and the then Head of State to go to Obuasi and inaugurate the Defence Committee of AGC instead of the Regional Secretariat of the Regional Interim Co-ordnating Committee or the National Co-ordinating Committee from Kumasi and Accra respectively? Ans The entire management of A.G.C and even Residents of Obuasi DID NOT LIKE THE P.D.C. IDEA.
19. In 1982. What was actually happening in the AGC Mine in Obuasi before the 31st December revolution that created the Workers Defence Committees? Ans Some African Senior Staff and the Ex patriate staff were always stealing the Gold with impurity from the Mine.
20. After the inauguration of the AGC/WDC members, what happened again in the mine
Ans The WDC members including this writer demanded that All AGC workers including Senior Staff members MUST BE SEARCHED and we did it
21. What was the end result of that decision? Ans: Scores of Senior Staff members including expatriates who stole gold, iron rods, new car engines, oil, generators corrugated iron sheets and car tyres Were caught. They were all dismissed as well as the Junior workers of AGC for stealing and this writer is proud to be part of that National Exercise between 1982 – 1989.
22. What did the late General Spears, the then General Manager of the AGC say in an interview with the BBC when Dr. Nkrumah was violently overthrown in a military coup de’tat on 24th Feb. 1966 Ans He stated that Ghana was now ripe for investment.
23. What interest did he have in the overthrow of Dr. Nkrumah’s Progressive CPP government Ans General Spears was a British citizen and so his government did not like the socialist policies of Dr. Nkrumah.
24. What assistance did he give to the soldiers who imported Arms and Ammunition to overthrow Dr. Nkrumah in 1966 Ans A huge cache of Arms and Ammunition were imported in LARGE BOXES and shipped to Ghana through Tema port and were marked “MINING EQUIPMENT” – MADE IN BRITAIN. And sent to AGC – Obuasi mine and finally unloaded and sent to Major Afrifa and his troops in Kumasi who used them to stage that bloody coup de’tat in 1966.
25. When the NPP went to its National Delegates Congress to elect a Flagbearer among 17 contestants in 2007, which politician Stated that 17 thieves have gone to Congress to elect their Senior Thief Ans Johnson Aseidu Nketia alias General Mosquito – current General Secretary of the NDC.
26. What did he say when the NPP threatened Court action against him? Ans He said he was more than prepared to face them in Court.
27. Were they (NPP) able to sent Mr. Johnson Aseidu Nketia, the NDC General Secretary to Court Ans No, they all vanished into thin air – meaning that it was true. Look here, if you wrongly step on the feet of General Mosquito, he will sting you and No Doctor can ever cure you.
28. What did Rawlings say when Members of the June 4 Movement started criticizing the PNDC government between 1982 and 1983 when he decided to flirt with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which the revolution had earlier condemned? Ans He convened a crunch meeting in Gondar Barracks and Stated that “You have the Pen, But I have the Gun”.
29. What happened after that angry remark by Jerry Rawlings Ans Most leaders of the June 4 Movement fled Ghana into self imposed exile and remained there for several years.
30. What happened to Comrade Kwame adjimah, a leading member of the June 4 Movement after he had been campaigning against Ghana’s Economic Recovery Programme being implemented on the marching orders of the IMF and World Bank under the PNDC regime Ans He was arrested one morning at Ho in the Volta Region and driven to Accra where he was locked up with 4 others in the then Borderguard Guard room.

31. What was their fate after their arrest and detention? Ans At 5P.m. on 19th June, 1983, a Warrant officer class 1, who is still alive but now retired, went to the Border Guard Guardroom and ordered that All detainees should be brought out for fresh air – As Kwame Adjimah walked out of the cell with the 4 other detainees, the soldier opened Fire and they all lay dead with blood flowing freely on the ground. They had Fresh Bullets instead of the Fresh Air Promised them by that soldier
32. What was the re-action of Rawlings when the Cadres reported that incident to him and complained bitterly Ans He said a Revolution eats its own eggs and that was the end, what could Anybody do or say? Nothing, so Case Closed
33. What was the re-action of the remaining members of the June 4 Movement including this writer who did not go into exile Ans We were all sent into Permanent Silence because Rawlings’ gun had started talking very seriously since the soldier who shot those cadres dead was a member of the PNDC.
34. Who wrote a very factual Book entitled “Politics in Ghana 1972 – 1979 Ans Professor Mike Ocquaye, now MP for Kwabenya.
35. What did Professor Mike Ocquaye say again on the NPP political platform when Ghana returned to constitutional rule in 1992. Ans He condemned June 4 and all that he wrote in his own history book thus making him a Professional Hypocrite and a man with a double face.
36. What did Rawlings say when he was described as a “Sasabonsam” (Satan) by Ex-Prez Kufuor in 2002? Ans Rawlings also retaliated by referring to Ex-Prez Kufuor as “Ataa Ayi – a very notorious Armed Robber currently in Prison.
37. Who described Ministers appointed by President Mills as “Team B” players who have been selected while “Team A” players were sitting on the bench and were ready to play? Ans Dr. Ekow Spio Garbrah
38. What was the re-action of Mr. Ato Ahwoi to the statement of Dr. Spio Garbrah? Ans As far as I am concerned Dr. Spio Gabrah will never get any Ministerial Appointment in the Mills government.
39. Who said: “I will Not Die For “Greedy Bastards” in the Mills administrations Ans Jerry Rawlings.
40. Who said “President Mills is a “Konongo Kaya” to wit, somebody who can not carry the load BUT will not allow Anybody to carry it Ans Jerry Rawlings
41. What did President Mills tell Ghanaian Journalists when they met him at the Castle and asked him about the unpalatable utterances of Rawlings Ans Diplomatically, He said Rawlings was not a Pain in his Neck, even though most Ghanaians think otherwise.
42. What did Professor Mills say in 2000 at the NDC congress at HO in the year 2000 Ans I will consult Rawlings 24hours a day if I am elected President of Ghana on the ticket of the NDC in 2001.
43. Did he Honour that promise after becoming President finally in January 2009. Ans No, may be he is yet to honour that promise later on.
44. Who said “Whether the NDC agrees or not, the “Reconciliation will go on Ans Mr. J.H.Mensah
45. Who was the Authority behind all the political harassment of NDC former Ministers by the NPP government from 2001 – 2008 Ans Ex-Prez Kufuor.
46. What happened to people who dis-agreed with the 31st December Revolution and spoke against the excesses or even tried to overthrow the PNDC government from 1982 – 1989?Ans They were simply given Passports to Hell, never to return like Comrade Kwane Adjimah and four others on 19th June 1983. No genuine revolution can be fought with WHITE GLOVES. Do you know what? Jerry Rawlings Never killed a fly with a Gun in both the June 4 Uprising and the 31st December revolutions on June 4 and 31st December, it was some trigger happy soldiers who did those extra-judicial killings all in his name, and he accepted the blame as a former Revolutionary Leader.
47. Dear reader, I went through all these extreme sacrificial situations without Any Reward what so ever with thousands of cadres who are now referred to as the “Rawlings Boys” with scorn by those who falsely claim TO BE MORE CATHOLIC than the Pope in the NDC today 2011. I therefore owe Nobody Apology or any government appointee and party Executive who has been condemned by me through the articles I write for insulting the intelligence of the cadres who made the NDC what it is today.
48. It is now or Never, so you dare not attack the Rawlingses or June 4 1979 to date 2011. Where were you in those Hellish years described above? Ans: No where, and if so, why Now? Infact, it was Horrific so Ghana must never, never and never again allow this to happen. Politicians MUST NOT mismanage the country to compel the military to intervene.
49. Who said, “If you lie to a child you have abused the minds of many generations to come, tell the child the Truth because it is the Truth that will make the child grow with honesty”? Ans Clement Sangaparee – The writer of this article.
50. I have compiled this write UP TARGETTING Ghana Youth in general and NDC Youth in particular to enable them know what actually took place Between the Two Revolutions on June 4 and 31st December 1981 to enable them equip themselves and prepare for the Great Task Ahead of them in the Near Future. You enjoy reading and keep your fingers, crossed, I shall return with more in July 2011 if God permits. I am done “Jaanbie Iwaii”.