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Opinions of Thursday, 10 February 2011

Columnist: Ahmed, Musah

A Paradigm Shift From NPP

...”Yen Kye Ndi” To Ndc “Obiara Ka Ho” Administration

Wonders shall never end, as some members of the opposition New Patriotic Party
(NPP),such as Eusler Owusu continuously engage themselves in a cacophony about the
NDC party supporters .They indeed have nothing to complain of, as far as the
performance of the Atta Mills led Administration is concerned.

The absurdity that one draws from what they make noise about has to do with the fact
that, they frequently use the agitations from the ruling NDC party supporters to
justify their wrong assertion of an underperformance on the part of the Atta Mills
led Administration, which should not be the case. I think they should be better than
others in knowing the differences that exist between party and government.
Are the Euslers and her NPP cronies saying that they do not know why the NDC party
supporters are agitating and seeking for recognition from the government, or they
are hypocritically pretending? I think I can be of help to explain this to the
respected people of Ghana as well as the NPP, though I am not by this justifying
illegal agitation from the NDC party supporters.

It goes like this, in the year 2001 when the NPP assumed power, we could recall that
government officials were chased out of their offices as their vehicles were
confiscated from them with all sorts of humiliation. VIPs and other public
facilities were forcefully taken over and invaded by the NPP party supporters as
some former state officials were arrested in their churches on weekends and later
unjustly convicted. This nearly put the nation in a state of anarchy.
Nine years down the lane, the NDC has reassumed office, many are those who taught
that this current administration would engage itself in what is termed as
witch-hunting by the government, as the NDC party supporters had been full in their
minds for revenge, payback and retrieval, following the humiliation and maltreatment
they suffered from their fokes in the NPP after the 2000 general election, since
their party has returned to office, which I think is normal in human life. I think
the government is prudently and continuously addressing that to help keep the
security of this nation on a better pedestal.

Secondly, I hope Ghanaians have heard about MASLOC, a loan intervention that was
introduced to help Ghanaian small-scale business men and women with some funds to
start up their businesses. To the surprise of everybody, this intervention turned
out to be an NPP supporters FUND, as it was disbursed to the NPP supporters who
played major roles in helping the NPP Kuffour administration come to power in
2001.Imagine how serious it is for a former NPP National Party Chairman to have
received some vehicles from MASLOC without paying the supposed price for them till
this administration came to probe.

Again, as part of the payback package of the Kuffour administration to the NPP
supporters in the 2000 general election, many of whom were taken abroad in the name
of government scholarship package for students. Some of whom were hustling and not
schooling but received allowances from Ghana’s consolidated fund. These scholarships
were cancelled in the year 2009 when President Mills assumed office, following the
huge dept to be cleared for the 2008 Academic year and the bad “YEN KYE NDI”
practice of the Kuffour administration.

NPP party supporters who could not benefit from any of the above mentioned packages
were enrolled onto the NYEP program for them to receive some token for their
contribution during the 2000 general election, even without doing any work.
Stated above and many others have been in the minds of all political party
supporters, thinking that they would enjoy just as their fokes in the NPP enjoyed
from their “YEN KYE NDI” policy and even more should their party come to power,
which is never an exception in the case of the NDC.
The Atta Mills led administration has proven beyond every doubt, over the period of
two years that it is indeed a Father-For-All administration. This I think is a
governance (ie: Betterment for us alone, to Betterment for all), which would take
Ghanaians some time to familiarize themselves with this policy as we have been
acquainted and accustomed to the winner takes it all system as others think it is
never the best for a country like ours.
Though there have been quite a number of instances of agitations from the NDC
supporters, the government has never been swayed off from delivering on its better
Ghana agenda but rather leaving no single stone unturned in putting smiles on the
faces of Ghanaians who mandated them.
It is therefore wrong for anybody to say that the NDC party supporters have been
agitation because the government has not been delivering on its agenda, but rather
because of their inability to enjoy any of the benefits their cronies in the NPP
enjoyed, when their party was in power.
It is my hope that the agitations from the NDC supporters would come to an end, as
the list of actions for this year are being unfolded for all Ghanaians and party
supporters in particular to enjoy from.
Haven stated the reality, I think the Euslers and her cronies in the NPP would be
able to differentiate between government and party and hence desist from using
agitations from NDC supporters as yardstick to wrongly assess the performance of the
government, which has been tremendous over the period of two years unless, when they
want the government to go the way they went with their supporters to put the
economy of into a bad state as it used to be some three years ago.

God bless the wonderful people of Ghana, God bless President Mills and his

Musah Ahmed
TEIN President( Kumasi Polytechnic Chapter)
0242846857 or 0267571107.
Hoping my request would not be turned down.
Thank you.