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Opinions of Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Columnist: Appiah-Osei, Lawrence

A New Day Has Come

The members and supporters of the opposition party, the NPP are still looking for the day that the Supreme Court of Ghana will declare Nana Akuffo-Addo, the winner of the just ended December 7, 2012 elections. To them, the law of Ghana has suddenly changed and now the Supreme Court is the institution that declares winner of Presidential elections in Ghana.

The NPP supporters and members could be equated to some of the Jews, who still think the Messiah has not yet come. Even though the Messiah, Jesus Christ, has come and gone over two thousand years ago, some Jews are still waiting for the arrival of the Messiah. The Presidential elections in Ghana has come and gone about a month ago, but the NPP is still waiting for the declaration of the results. The NPP must be told in plain language that the elections are over, a President has been elected and a new day has come. The UP/NPP tradition has a mindset that if free and fair elections is held in Ghana, they should win. Nobody wins free and fair elections in Ghana except the UP/NPP tradition. So if they loose any elections in Ghana, it meant that the elections were not free and fair. In other words, the elections were stolen from them. According to the records of the UP/NPP, the only free and fair elections held in Ghana were those in 1969, which elected Dr. Kofi Abrefa Busia, and also those held in 2000 and 2004, which elected President Agyekum Kuffour. All other elections were stolen from them including the current one held on December 7, 2012.

The NPP think they should be equated to the tribe of the Levites in the Holy Bible. This tribe has been set aside by God to be priests for the Israelites. Every priest in Israel comes from the Levite tribe. The NPP also think that God has set them aside to be the only government in Ghana. They are the only righteous and common sense people to rule Ghana. As soon as another party wins elections in Ghana, they think the law of God has been broken. I tell them, the earlier they begin to see the opposite, the better it would be for them. I find it interesting if I hear the NPP people crying and saying that the December 7 2012 Presidential elections were stolen from them by the NDC. You see, before the elections, the NPP made Ghanaians and the international community to believe that the members of the NDC are thieves and that was why they should be voted out of power. This is why I find it interesting that they are crying that the thieves have stolen their verdict. The NPP knew that the NDC is a thief party and yet they sat down for the NDC to steal from them? Should I say here that, if that is the case, then they are also stupid.

Before the elections, the Electoral Commission declared that any one who finished voting should leave the polling station and go home. The NPP, led by their General Secretary Sir John, insisted that every NPP voter who votes should remain at the polling station and observe everything with eagle eyes, until the counting of the ballots are completed and declared. After this all important and serious instructions have been given, don’t you agree with me that somebody is being stupid for going to the Supreme Court to declare that the elections has been stolen from them? If I were a judge at the Supreme Court, one question I would ask the NPP lawyers is for them to explain to me why they allowed the known thieves to steal from them, and why they should blame the Electoral Commission for their stupidity. Today, whether the NPP likes it or not, whether they believe it or not, HE John Mahama has been sworn-in as the President of the Republic of Ghana following the Presidential elections held on December 7 2012. They can continue to dream that the laws of Ghana has now changed and that the Supreme Court is the only institution that declares Presidential results; they can continue to dream that they are the only righteous and common sense people to rule Ghana, and they can continue to dream that the “Messiah” has not come and that Nana Akuffo-Addo is going to be the next President of Ghana. The true fact remains that the December 7, 2012 Presidential elections are over, the results have been legally declared by the Electoral Commissioner, there was a one-touch victory by the NDC and a new day has come.

“Looking into the future, by the end of President Mahama’s eight-year rule, the NPP would become an irrelevant opposition party.”

Lawrence Appiah-Osei

NDC USA Financial Secretary