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Opinions of Friday, 11 January 2013

Columnist: Afevi, Kormi

A Letter To Mr. President Copied To Kwesi Pratt

Hi Mr. President,

Congrats again on your successful swearing in ceremony. Uncle Dramani, have you observed the forces who hijacked the mills presidency and plundered our resources for three and a half years have deployed their chief assassin on you after your released your first four appointments ?

Your only crime is you have demonstrated that you want to put a bridge in place to avoid the turf war that your former boss was caught up in. In other words you have disabled the evil network that surrounded the former president for three and a half years.

I hope by now you know Kwesi Pratt’s criticism of your initial appointment is borne out of his spirited fight to guarantee the survival of his paymasters than his desire to see men of integrity contribute to the development of Ghana. He is questioning the ability of the new chief of staff to work within the party but finds nothing wrong with Valery Sawyer and Martey Newman. Mr. President, he is shouting loudest because his defunct CJA friends who were so powerful they could do everything except create mortals have been restricted.

Mr President, they fight anybody who stand up to their vaulting ambition to remain all powerful. They will attack you just like they did to Jerry Rawlings when he stood up to them. Kwesi Pratt will hide behind his socialist roots to do anything for his Westland paymasters who have granted him a permanent seat at radio gold to misinform.

Mr. President, one has to ask the question, why are some of these old folks panicking on the release of your first appointments? The answer is not far fetched. In the 90s they controlled the cocoa. In 2008, they took control of the oil with the help of a puppet president until God sent you to rescue us. It is very important you stay steadfast in your resolve to purge Ghana of dishonest politicians hiding behind hatchet men masquerading as journalist. Mr. President, yours is an opportunity Ghana cannot miss.

I do not have much to say but to remind you to tread cautiously in the days ahead and may Yehowa Sogbolisa guide you when you reach the crossroad.

Kormi Afevi