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Opinions of Saturday, 8 December 2012

Columnist: Agbeve, Alhaji Mohammed

A Letter To Ghanaians


As a people, we have a long way in our quest to build a peaceful county for all to thrive in and realize their potential to the fullest.

We have survived the brutality of colonialism and the tension of military leadership.

By choosing multy party democracy, we have a made a good choice and it is manifesting itself in the extent to which people have their say on how things must go in this country.

A periodic nationwide election has come to stay and nobody would change that.

It is therefore our responsibility as a nation to ensure that there is absolute peace during the process of electing our leaders.

Ghana needs you to be able to attain the desired development. Every individual in needed for this cause.

I therefore call on the youth to not allow themselves to be used as object of abuse for the attainment of one’s political ambition.

No matter who you are, you have a role to play to ensure that the today our leaders fought for is not ruined by us, the very generation for whom the big six, the veterans and all who suffered for the country fought for.

This is just an election as all the previous four we have had successfully. It is far from a do or die affair In a contest, there can only be one winner.

Whoever emerges victorious is a Ghanaian and qualifies to lead us as stated by the laws of this land. There is no winner until the election is over.

I therefore implore my fellow Ghanaian to take responsibility and ensure that Ghana remains peaceful. We are the eyes and hope of our troubled neighboring countries. In us, they see brighter future in their country.

Let us not let them down.

Let us prove to the whole world that our previous successful elections are not fluke but full attestation of the peace loving nature of Ghanaian.

There should only be one winner in this elections; Mother Ghana.

The world is watching, Let show them that it can happen in Africa. Let us show them we are Ghana

Peace be with you all.

Dr. Alhaji Mohammed Agbeve. (CEO, Agbeve Herbal Center)