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Opinions of Friday, 6 April 2012

Columnist: Sarpong, Justice

Mills And NDC Are Causing The Registration Problems

Sarpong, Justice

The NDC Kakistocracy government is now accepting the fact that, their so called unprecedented achievements cannot win the election for them so it has resorted to the usual registration and voting fraud they are known for. The P/NDC that ushered in the fourth Republic made registration and voting fraud a cardinal principle of its manifesto as the only way to be able to win elections in Ghana and there are many instances where their registration and voting fraud have been exposed. I can cite two examples in 2000 when NDC tried to play tribal card and register minors to vote as an example.

Press Review of Tuesday, 19 December 2000

Source: null

NDC is hot as it entices Togolese to vote in run-off?

General News of Thursday, 30 November 2000

Source: Joy Online

NDC accused of registering minors for elections

Folks, if you think NDC has shed its worn out political tricks skin as snakes are known to do with its secret plans to import Togolese and minors to register in this Biometric exercise, you are deluding yourself. NDC is a bad party when it comes to ruling but it is very good in stealing elections and it does not rely on one method, it comes to the table with three to five prong forks and they will use all of them to achieve their diabolical plans.

NDC has a plan for this registration exercise and it is a simple plan. First, they are going to register as many Togolese and Minors in Volta Region as they can and secondly, will make sure few people register in Ashanti Region, the stronghold of NPP by disrupting and unleashing violence on would be voters. I do not believe these NDC hoodlums want to kill anybody. What they want to do is to scare the people from registering to vote and that is why they have targeted the most populous constituencies in Ashanti region, like Tafo/Pankrono, Asokwa, Suame, Bantama and others for their nefarious activities. They have imported these hoodlums from their stronghold like this Dzibodji guy who has a two thousand cedis bounty on his head by Tafo/Pankrono Police Supt. Ofori. The only region we are not receiving any registration problems is Volta region where this NDC is registering minors, Togolese and more likely their cats and dogs. I don't think they are registering any cats since the cat population has been decimated.

There have been many reports in the Koforidua and Akyem municipalities where minors and foreigners have been arrested and DCE's from these areas have gone to the Police stations and used their powers to release the culprits. I am sorry to say this but NPP might wake up on December 8th 2012 and weep if their "All die be die" mantra is not summoned from wherever it is and employed now to make sure NDC does not win this election with their shenanigans.

NDC is well aware, their 'unprecedented' product is not selling so what are they trying to do? Summon their vote magnet to the rescue so they sent the Volta Chiefs on its behalf to plead with Rawlings to join the Mills campaign team. To make sure Rawlings join the Mills floundering campiagn, they summoned all the Regional Ministers to Kumasi to have a meeting where they will get Chiefs from each region to go and beg Rawlings to campaign for Mills for another four years of BITTER GHANA,!!OH NOOO!!To make sure that Rawlings heed their call, they employed the former Supreme Court Justice, Kpegah, the bigot extraordinaire to appeal to Rawlings emotions with his “I am worried because if NDC is not in power, some of us will be worse of in Ghana,” adding, President Mills and Mr. Rawlings must be brought together if the party is keen on holding on to power."

This old fool of a Justice do not care as long as his tribesmen are catered for by the NDC regime, the rest of Ghana can go bust.

On whether Mr Rawlings’s absence from the campaign will affect the chances of the NDC, Justice Kpegah indicated that: “I will not state categorically that if J.J. does not take part, President Mills will lose” but “It is because of Rawlings that the president gets the support from the Volta region.” Now the cat is out of the bag, Ewes vote for NDC because of Rawlings. It doesn't matter even if a dog is put as the NDC candidate in Volta region, as long as Rawlings lives, Ewes will vote for NDC, that is good to know. If our so called educated tribe thinks like this, then Ghana has a long way to go. We are talking about a former Supreme Court Justice crapping these words, a well educated Ewe man so think about how an illiterate Ewe belief system is

If I was to be in jail because this man sat in judgement of me, I will appeal to the international court to get my release effected because this guy has shown time and time again that, he is a bigot and anybody who went infront of him with a case with an Ewe should call their lawyers to appeal.

NDC should better respect our intelligence because Rawlings is not going to make much difference with the independent voters who do not get their instructions from Rawlings who to vote for. Do I want Rawlings to campaign fro Mills? NO, because he can get the NDC riff-raffs riled up to go and vote but I am not scared of him campaigning for Mills either because he has done enough damage to Mills his admonishing to others to vote for Mills will fall on deaf ears. What is he going to tell them about Mills? That he has changed? He might think Ghanaians are 'foofoo' but we are not. Mills is a disgrace as a President and we cannot stomach him for another four years.

Is Rawlings going to tell Ghanaians to change their minds and vote for Mills? Rawlings doesn't hold sway over the lives of Ghanaians and we know the suffering, stealing and the bad administration we are in and no amount of words from Rawlings will change our minds. Mills is not a Presidential material, he has no control over this administration where all his ministers and board chairmen of corporations are doing whatever they want without any Presidential reprimand or punishment. The Chiefs or whatever can beg Rawlings all they want, Ghanaians are not going to vote for Mills because Rawlings told them to do so, who do these NDC morons think Ghanaians are?

Why did they not listen to Rawlings when he told them Ghanaians were suffering and instead a stupid thing like General Mosquito or Asiedu Nketiah told him that he is barking like a dog? Now these fools want to protect what they have stolen so they need Rawlings to campaign for them. What happened to their unprecedented achievements? Can't the people see their unprecedented achievements and vote for them? Rawlings cannot save Mills and his administration this time because I don't know what Rawlings can say to undo what he has already said about this administration. Let Rawlings join this Mills campaign team and his prestige which is at its lowest ebb will drop into a hole, "NKWASEASEM AAA KWARA KWA"

First of all, why do they need Rawlings? They are telling Ghanaians they have chalked unprecedented achievements, let them campaign on that unprecedented achievements and if Ghanaians feel that their lives have improved under Mills unprecedented achievements, they will vote for Mills for a second term, it's as simple as that.

We are buying a gallon of petrol at two cedis as they promised.-UNPRECEDENTED We have a one time premium payment for our health insurance.-UNPRECEDENTED There are jobs, actually 1.6 million jobs for our university graduates to choose from-UNPRECEDENTED

Unprecedented three black out in 2months. Yes they have!

Unprecedented Judgment debt payment. Yes they have!

Unprecedented unemployment graduate association. Yes they have

Unprecedented and gargantuan transitional expenses. Yes they have!

Unprecedented 1.6 million employments in 2009. Yes they have!

Unprecedented distribution of hampers worth ¢1.6bn to journalist. Yes they have!

Unprecedented construction of STX houses to the security services. Yes they have!

Unprecedented public debt 236 trillion and still pilling. Yes they have!

Unprecedented weak currency in 18 years. Yes they have!

Unprecedented beating of fisher folks and teachers on strike. Yes they have!

Ghanaians will Vote based on the non-performance of the NDC government. No amount of begging, pleading from the likes of Mr. Ofosu Ampofo and the likes, will make Ghanaians forget the bitter Ghana experience under the Unprecedented President Mills government.

Ghanaians will vote for Mills with his unprecedented achievements he says everybody can see and feel if the so called unprecedented achievements are obvious, he doesn't need Rawlings.

Justice Sarpong

Kumasi (Oseikrom), Ghana