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Opinions of Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Columnist: Ahmed, Mohammed

A Footprint With A Blueprint


The recent NDC boycott of the Multi-Media Group of Company has nothing to do with the latter’s in ability to adhere to any media etiquettes or Journalistic standards has its being bundled around. Neither is it about biasness or favour for/against any political party. It has everything to do with the myriad of pressures that is been mounted against the NDC government. It is a scare crow to sway the attention of Ghanaians from the real issues that has befalls this country.
The apparent and most glaring example in the country is the recent power cut or black outs, which is also known in Ghanaian parlance as “Dum” “So”. Neither Volta River Authority (VRA) nor the electricity company of Ghana has been able to explain to the people of Ghana what exactly the problem is. Recently these two government institutions came out with a release saying these “Dum” “So” phenomenon is over. However, this blackout has persisted till date without explanation. The inexplicable nature of the problems has made the NDC government to result to scare crow diversionary tactics. Yesterday’s Graphic newspaper did not see the day light because of this power outage.
The recent Poly-Technic Teacher Association of Ghana’s (POTAG) strike has taken the government of the day by surprise. Also the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) has also joined the fray, compounding the whole situation. These two important educational institutions are on strike and no Ghanaian is talking about it, all because the Government has managed to tune our attention to something they know will not even benefit the government and their party.
The strike of the Junior Doctors of the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) is another impasse that the NDC government is struggling to come to terms with. The government has no clue whatsoever as to how to solve these problems. In order to buy some time to figure out how to resolve these issues, President Mills and his government have taking to the old method of diverting the attention of populace from progressive and developmental issue, intoxicating them with irrelevant issues such as this cooked cock and bull storey of boycotting multi-media group of companies; for what?
These major problems enumerated above require the government to inject a lot of money into the system to pay for arrears of workers. This, according to their economic lecturers, IMF and World Bank will disrupt the economy and will inflate their economic figures such that, taunting with figures for cheap political gains in the upcoming election will falter.
Notwithstanding these problems, the ever controversial chart leading Wayoome scandal, which has taking a new trend, is causing the NDC government a lot of disaffection and popularity. The Waterville scam as revealed by the new crusading Guide and other media houses including the Multi-Media group is filthier than Wayoomegate and will cause a lot of harm to the party come December 2012.
Again if you could remember, the rally they organized on the 17th march, 2012 saw significant members of their party apparatchiks attending albeit it is said they were rented; the ruling government have failed to take advantage of the attendance to score some political points because of Nana Konadu’s rigging allegations and the founder’s boycott of their rally. All of these issues are the reason why the government has decided to tune our minds into thinking of some bogus boycott rather the real issues.
The next wild goose chase will be the Kofi Adams tape saga. They will drag this in the media and get his boss involved. The former President will release a statement in support of his darling boy very soon. This will occupy the minds of Ghanaians for the next three weeks. I don’t think this is something that Ghanaians should entertain. We should dismiss it with all the strength within us and re-focus on the bread and butter issues.
This chap of a minister, who the Oman fm listeners refer to as “Aki” thinks he could hoodwink the whole Ghanaian populace into an abyss of endless and fruitless political discourse. As though it is not this same chap who led the radio gold onslaught on the previous government to churn out malicious and derogatory reportage including inciting the public to invade the electoral commission of Ghana. Hon. James Aki Agyeinim Boateng; please come again!
I will want to urge all progressives, comrades and well meaning Ghanaians not to be swayed by this diversionary tactics of the NDC and focus on the real issues of butter and bread. Like the current depreciation of the cedi et al, the gargantuan wayoome case, workers strike et al. Ghanaians should remain resolute and AWAKE!