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Opinions of Monday, 18 March 2013

Columnist: Akpah, Prince

A Day Spent at the Accra youth Summit

The second speaker on the bill was Nelson Korkor, a young person
with a long profile and experience continued with the theme: DEVELOPING
In developing what you want to become in future, you
need to have a strategy. The word strategy origin was looked at where we
were taught it was derived from two Greek words giving a simplifies
definition as 'leading like an army' and according to Wikipedia, an art
of troop leader.
He encouraged us to know that we must begin to act
like leading an army in this competitive world and must also plan very
well since strategy is a plan that must be executed. For you to make
your strategy more nutritious of success, you must note the following;
1. Where i need to - vision
2. Deploying your people/who will help me achieve
3. Discipline
Lets do more than only , draw your strategy and put your ideas into action. Also
monitor your goals and evaluate them often.
And always exercise constant improvement on your strategies.
In develop your career plan you must be observant of your attitudes. This comes with
1. Strong core values- let them be of positive status Eg Integrity, respect etc.
2. Self motivation
3. Team spirit.

Career planning is the key to seeking new ways and always get to have a mentor
also shared with us his experiences about the strategies that he made
use of and have placed him in the successful environment he has found
1. I need to develop strategies now towards my career choice in future if possible
get in touch with people already in the profession.
2.I need to have good moral values which other people can also emulate from me.
3. I need not to be selfish, get my self into team works.

the MD of PopOut, Maximus Ametorgbor.
made note of the pace at which technology is moving as being very fast.
Technology as noted has done several benefits to the world examples of
which he spelt out to be:
1. Transforming economies
2. Silicon
Valley- a city where you find all the technology companies with the land
they build their companies on costing billions of dollars.
Shifting paradigms- the situation where productivity is being improved
by the use of Technology. So if you have a work that soon can be digitized, You
might stand a chance of being jobless oneday just because of technology.
Redefining Education, today several people obtain their certificates
via an online course, that is why you most people now adays holding
certificates from foreign universities where they have not stepped foot
on. Lectures will very soon be at anywhere and teach over 10000 students
anywhere they may also be through online services.
5. Technology has also produced vehicles of the journey constituting the 6Ws
1. Walking
2. Wind
3. Wheels
4. Wings
5. Wireless
6. Web,
this has being the journey of transportation so far.

Some analysis about technology were also shared with. Examples
1. Facebook is worth $100bn
2. Twitter is worth $4bn
3. Google is worth $200bn
4. Apple is worth $700bn
and comparing this to the $79bn GDP of our country Ghana.
In a day, according to statistics, 294 billion emails are sent; 2 million blogs are
written;4.7 billion minutes are spent on facebook, and so much more. to be