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Opinions of Thursday, 8 October 2020

Columnist: Stephen Owusu

A Chinese man crowned Chief in Ghana, bows out under pressure

A lot of concern has been expressed about the growth of Chinese people in Ghana A lot of concern has been expressed about the growth of Chinese people in Ghana

As a strategy and at their convenience and profit, China has established economic and business ties with several African countries.

The influx of Chinese to Africa and other developing countries poses a serious danger to Africans because when they are welcomed they bring more people to join them in the vast area they have created for themselves.

In South Africa for example, the Chinese have created thirteen police stations in the area they occupy.

The Chinese have openly declared, during the Chinese president's meeting with African leaders, that China will help African countries in their development. He was able to lure African leaders with billions of dollars in loans and grants.

Indeed the Chinese are not far from re-colonizing Africans. At the moment Ghana has the largest population of Chinese in Africa, according to a lady researcher who presented the first ten African countries with large numbers of Chinese presence in their respective countries, on a WhatsApp video. Hard to substantiate or verify, though.

Ayeboafo is normally a name or title given to a person who has led a particular tribe or people to a successful tribal war or a person who creates development for the village or area where he lives. Simply put, Ayeboafo is someone who has done things to benefit others.

Sun Quiang is a timber merchant at Kwahu Abetifi in the Eastern region. He built a school for Abetifi and undertook certain beneficial projects for the region. Normally any company that wants to be recognized and patronized has corporate social responsibility to do something for the citizens. Mobile phone companies provide scholarships for students, and build schools and community centres for certain areas.

No one from these companies has been crowned chief. Judge for yourself on the enstoolment that went on at Abetifi. A ceremony was held in the town and the Chinese, Sun Quiang, was given a traditional name, Barima Kofi Ayeboafo, to commemorate his title as "Nkosuohene" (Development chief) of Kwahu Abetifi. This title is normally given to people, sometimes foreigners, who are non-royals but engaged in development that benefits the town.

The enstoolment received a backlash when the Abetifi citizens both at home and abroad expressed strong dissatisfaction with what they termed a mistake, foolishness and mediocrity on the part of the Chiefs. The Chinese man felt the pressure and, according to his spokesman, Barima Kofi Ayeboafo, could hardly sleep because he was shocked about why people were so upset over the honour bestowed on him.

Even though Sun Quiang is not the first foreigner to be enstooled as nkosuohene, because he is Chinese, people are sceptical about what is going on in his mind-set. People claim that it is a slow and calculated attempt to take over the African continent. Within a month, he succumbed to the protest and pressure from the citizens of Abetifi and resigned as chief.

In fact we Ghanaians are our own enemies. During the period of slavery, it was the Chiefs and certain of our people who gave us a way to white slave masters to be enslaved. This mental imprisonment is still going on even at the top echelons of government both in Ghana and elsewhere in Africa.

This time the enslavement is coming from China. The Chinese have been able to lure Africans into neo-colonialism by dishing out billions of dollars to African governments while they push out thousands of their citizens to these indebted African countries. While in Africa, they dig for gold and other minerals. Their agenda is to take over Africa in the near future. This is a typical tactics of neo-colonialism.

Zambia has played themselves so much into the hands of the Chinese. Mandarin which is the major language in China, has now been added to the Zambia school curriculum. That same language has been launched in South Africa. As if that was not enough, thirteen Chinese police stations have been established in South Africa. New era of colonialism perpetrated by the Chinese.

What Ghana and for, that matter, the entire African continent must know is that the Chinese people hate Africans living in China. Those Africans living in China live in constant fear and insecurity. The Chinese do not hide their hatred for Africans, unlike Europe where racism is subtle. Many Chinese will never sit by an African in a public transport. These are the same people we pamper in Ghana. These are the same people who do whatever they want in South Africa and Zambia.

A man who studied in China confirmed that the Chinese will never call Africa by name. Instead they teach their children that the continent is called FEIZHOU which means empty or wrong continent, a continent which lacks development and success.

Very cynical!

Beloved reader, my question is do we need Chinese people to have a permanent abode in Ghana and Africa as a whole? We get loans and grants from the USA and Europe, but they don't sit on our necks the way the Chinese do.

Columnist: Stephen Atta Owusu

Author: Dark Faces at Crossroads