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Opinions of Sunday, 10 January 2010

Columnist: The Royal Enoch

A Black Man's Lament

My people
My people are dark and lovely
Far from all things ugly
Hopeful like tomorrow
Precious like a jewel
Gifted beyond belief
Hard as a rock
Yet gentle like the breeze of summer
Colorful as the face of happiness
Priceless like life's golden breath

My people
My people pray to man made Gods
Gods with man made names
Gods who demand human sacrifices
Gods who love to cast the dices
Gods who wouldn't hold back the vices
Gods without an aim, direction or protection
For my people
Yet my people continue to pray

My people
My people have been bought and sold
That my people have become so confused

My people
My people are the descendants of kings and queens
My people were great warriors
My people invented this and that
My people followed the stars with precision
My people gave the world its religions
My people used to make their own decisions
So where did it all go wrong with my people