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Opinions of Friday, 17 January 2014

Columnist: Azindoo

83 SHSs delay re-opening due to lack of feeding grants

As captioned above was reported by the Daily Graphic in the 14th of January, 2014, published on GhanaWeb.

When I saw the headline I became so infuriated, sad and astonished reading it. What is going on in Ghana? Do we have leaders at all? Do we have institutions at all? Why are they paid with nothing done? Anytime you read about Ghana no good news except failure. I tend to believe that a black man is stupid.

The finance minister has failed in doing his job he should be sacked. He doesn’t fit the post when he can’t timely notice that our kids feeding grants have not been released for close to two terms.

Those at helm of affairs in the country are the cause of Ghana’s lack of progress. They have failed and continue to fail and if nothing is done about this leadership failure, Ghana will head back to the era of Iron Age, where people lived an existence of toil, shame and misery.

President Obama teased us when he came to Ghana that (Africa needs strong institutions, not strong men.)This show you and I that he knew we Africans are only strong but when it comes to institutions we don’t have the capacity. So did we just head it for nothing? Oh! Ghana.

Those in charge of the feeding grants should within three days release the funds. The finance minister should get the funds hook or crook for our kids will not wait for two weeks. We can’t allow this failure to continue it is unacceptable and unpardonable. The gross foolishness, wanton neglect of duty, willfully disregard for the plight of Ghanaians, the culture of impunity must cease.

Wake up Ghanaians are we not ashamed of being called the poor country? Maybe we were created to be dumbfounded, shameless and block headed.