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Opinions of Friday, 13 November 2009

Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

7 Reasons why Ntim Must Be The Next NPP Chairman

The NPP Chairmanship race takes center stage in the next month (December 19, 2009) for the national delegate elections to elect the national chairman. We all believe that Stephen Ntim’s political experience has taught him that with his skills in organizing the grass- root supporters in the NPP will eventually help the party to win the 2012 general elections convincingly. As I have always said leadership is not position but action. With Stephen Ntim as the NPP National chairman and Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen as the NPP presidential candidate these both action men will bring back the power to the NPP organization. Why? Here is how they are going to get it done.

First: Politics is not about ethnicity or name recognition but is about the organization choosing quality individuals who have great innovative vision, integrity, honesty and charismatic action leadership skills and who are well respected among the Ghanaian populace. NPP members across the country can easily find these qualities in Stephen Ntim and Alan Kwadwo Kyeremateng.

Second: Politics is about good strategies and planning in which one is able to target the areas of the party strongholds and able to deliver huge numbers during election periods to win elections for the party’s candidates including the presidency. If good policies were implemented in 2008 Akufo Addo would have won the election easily. Politics is also not learned in the street but in a classroom. Those who are not politically assimilated in how to plan effective strategy should stop giving misplaced and injudicious suggestions to the NPP now.

Third: Politics is about numbers but is not about the rich who can afford to bribe some people to buy their way out to public office. Any man with action leadership abilities who has an effective strategy in place will be able to provide to outstanding numbers for their party to win a major election. Ntim is capable of doing this for the NPP in 2012 general election and beyond.

Fourth: How the numbers are going to be provided: With Stephen Ntim as NPP chairman and Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen as NPP presidential candidate whom Ghanaians both women and independent voters admire now in Ghana to lead the NPP for the 2012 general elections. In the Ashanti region alone the NPP will carry the region with One million Eight hundred thousand (1,800.000) votes. This is guaranteed. Why? During the second round of the 2008 elections Alan Kwadwo Kyeremanteng the NPP servant went to the Ashanti region and campaigned to increase the fortunes of the party from one million two hundred thousand to one million four hundred thousand and over. All this was done in the shortest possible time. In order for the NPP to win the general election in 2012 the NPP needs to have great Numbers from their political world bank the Ashanti region. These numbers are all achievable with Stephen Ntim as their chairman.

Fifth: Politics is still about numbers and the ability to deliver to the organization when it matters most. The NPP lost a huge number in the 2008 general elections in Brong Ahafo region due to ineffective campaign in the region. With Stephen Ntim as their party National Chairman the NPP will carry the Brong Ahafo Region with over eight hundred thousand (800,000) votes in 2012 general election. This is also guaranteed; Ntim will deliver for the party because we all will contribute to make this happens.

Sixth: The essence of any other major political party’s carrying the majority of the Greater Accra region should not pose any greater threat to the NPP organization. Why is that the region has become a toss-up with many people living in the region with different political affiliations. The NPP will always do well in the greater Accra region. With Ntim and Alan Kyeremateng together NPP will win over one million votes. This is also a guarantee without the chairman being native from the great Accra region area.

Seventh: Politics is about strategy, numbers, ideas and good policy to fulfill the needs of the citizens. With Stephen Ntim as the NPP chairman and Alan Kwadwo Kyeremateng as the NPP presidential candidate whose wife comes from Akim areas in the Eastern Region; the love the have for Alan in Akim Oda, Nkwakaw, Koforidau, Asamankese and the areas in the region is overwhelming. NPP will increase its votes, which Akufo Addo could not produce for the NPP in the 2008 general elections in the Eastern Region. The NPP will carry the region with Eight hundred thousand (800,000) votes. If all the numbers I have mentioned add up, the NPP will have four million and four hundred thousand (4,400,000) votes in the 2012 general elections with only these aforementioned regions alone. The NDC Attah Mills administration won the general election with Four million and forty thousand with all the regions in Ghana counted. These projections are without Alan Kwadwo Kyeremateng strongholds in the Central Region and the Western Regions and other regions in Ghana where NPP is posing to make great gains to shock the NDC in the next general elections.

In order for the NPP to achieve all this, the party needs a strong action leadership man who is able to lead this organization; Stephen Ntim is now ready for the responsible task ahead of this great institution. Ntim will immediately solidify the grass roots base of the party by established vigilante groups in NPP strongholds especially in the Ashanti region and other regions to monitor the NDC secret police activities against the NPP in 2012 general election. Ntim will prepare these foot soldiers as vigilante groups solidly against the NDC’s violence, intimidation and their barbaric plans they have for NPP members across the country for the 2012 general elections. Among all the NPP’s chairmanship position wonabee’s Ntim is the only candidate who does not have any political nemesis in his closet with the Ghanaian populace.

From Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)

Source; Amankwah Nana Kofi