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Opinions of Friday, 30 October 2015

Columnist: Dabbousi, Fabi

$600 million US Dollar government scam

By: Fadi Dabbousi

About the power barges – A FIASCO by all means, counts, and measures. $600 million US Dollar scam served hot and spicy on a sizzling platter, and Ghanaians have swallowed this load of nicely lavendered dunk! Sometimes, we as a nation are deserved of the freaking hell hole that John Dramani Mahama and his surrogate thieves have plunged this country into. Don’t we have brains to notice that Ghanaians are being taken for a ride? In fact governance has been taken a notch beyond the practical joke that it has become under this government. We are being scammed and we continue to remain aimless like a spoiled naked prince with one finger stuck up his bottom and another in his mouth.
Ten of the same rented barges that H.E The President, John Dramani Mahama, is talking about would not cost as much, even if they were bought outright. Initially, Ghanaians were told that the plants that H.E. President Kufuor brought into the country were inop, and that it was for this reason they were rented out to Sierra Leone. Let me say that if the Sierra Leonean government does not challenge this insult to the faculty of its citizens, then it shall go down in that country’s history that theirs is one government that allowed the use and abuse of its people. Surely, it is an insult by all counts. It suggests that the Sierra Leonean government is not of sound judgment and prudence. Are the machines not working there? If they can work in Sierra Leone can they not work in Ghana? So what are we thinking?
Avenues for chop chop are constantly being hatched up so that more of the nation’s money can find its way into private pockets. The ten barges purportedly on their way would have cost the nation half the amount that the Ghana government paid for renting them. If the this government could find the money to pay 600 million dollars couldn’t the President have liquidated the nation’s $180 million dollar debt to Nigeria Gas and eased the electricity crisis? Ghanaians know and believe that ours is not a problem of machinery, but a dilemma of corruption of massive and unprecedented proportions. It just doesn’t make sense, and what doesn’t make sense anymore is the idiocy of people who cannot garner courage to say a word of truth just because of “Fa Ma Nyame” or “Leave it to GOD”. This statement is no more tenable and GOD would not help us if we did not help ourselves. In fact at this time, it is safe to say that it is a mischievous and blasphemous statement.
So how many millions have gone into private pockets? Millions that are helping the NDC foment trouble within the NPP? And with which money is Ibrahim Mahama fuelling sedition amongst some bad thugs planted to stir up dust in the NPP? What was Ibrahim Mahama’s car, “IBRA 2 – 15”, doing in front of the NPP HQ, as is being spoken in the public domain? These brats in government ravage Ghanaian wealth to destroy others. They have no interest in serving Mother Ghana, and lack the wisdom to do so in the first place. All they are interested in is looting, looting, and more looting.
NPP, PPP, CPP, NDP et al, wake up and shift into overdrive! The government and other cronies are unleashing Phase II of their attack on the integrity of your parties. Stand up and don’t let down your guard. It is time you awaken from your slumber before the quake takes you all. After all, due to the inertia that has inhibited your abilities, Ghana may fall again into the hands of these dirty jokers in government. Then Ghanaians will never forgive you again.
Also, stay tuned for more revelations on the government’s connivance with the EC to rig the 2016 elections with a fresh ICT company and many strategies. This time we shall mention names!