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Opinions of Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Columnist: Frimpong, Yaw

50 six years of failure: Happy Independence

I just heard Ghana is 50 six

Naturally, I should be happy

Culturally, I should be in my Printex

Realistically, I am but very moody

Ghana is 50 six but we are probably 6 or five

From War to Accra, we are still in a big bondage

Everyone in Ghana is still trying to survive

To the ordinary man, 50 six is nothing but an age

Long ago, Nkrumah said "....are free forever"

But today,I think he is definitely not smiling in this grave

But the hardship in the various institutions are not ending ever

Neither is the corruption in our society leaving

To Ghanaians, 6th March, is a day for keeps

And also a day for counting our failure as a state


Twitter handle: @frimpong4u