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Opinions of Saturday, 26 May 2012

Columnist: Daily Guide

50 Top Unfulfilled Promises of President Mills

President John Evans Atta Mills
“If you want to test a man’s character, give him power” – Abraham Lincoln. In their
quest to test the character of the then thrice defeated Presidential Candidate of
the National Democratic Congress (NDC), the Ghanaian electorate erroneously gave
their mandate to Prof. John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills in the 2008 general elections.
Prof. Mills, since 2000, has made 822 promises and below are 50 of them. Kindly read
and make your own judgment about our president.

1.. I will consult Rawlings 24 hours a day – Today, Mills says he is looking for
an opportunity to sit down with Rawlings to sort out their differences. Former
President Rawlings, the founder of the NDC, is now a “barking dog” in his own
2.. I will hit the ground running – Mills hit the ground and broke his legs. He
seems to be crawling as all sectors of the economy are growing slowly.
3.. I will reduce fuel prices drastically – a gallon of petrol has increased from
GH¢3.60 to GH¢8.0, showing a drastic increase in price in the last 3 years.
4.. I will put money in your pockets – our pockets are now empty because of
increases in utility tariffs (electricity, water, gas) and school fees. Poverty is
on the increase and the number of strike actions and demonstrations tell it all.
5.. I will heal wounds and unite the nation – the nation is polarized as the NDC
continues to play the tribal card. Ewes occupy 90% of political appointments.
6.. I will make sure there is no NPP Ghana or NDC Ghana – Ghana is seriously
divided between NDC and NPP. Politics of ideas has given way to politics of
7.. I will build a factory in each district – Where can we find the factories?
Instead, John Mahama is buying bulldozers to kill flies. Over 300 factories were
sold by the P/NDC government.
8.. I will make sure all my appointees declare their assets within 6 months into
my administration – None of the appointees has declared any asset after 3 years.
9.. I will set up a truly non-partisan and competent commission on the murders of
Ya Na and Issah Mobila, and prosecute the killers – There is no evidence for
prosecution according to Kofi Adam.
10.. I will avoid the appointment of MPs and Ministers to positions of Chairman of
Public Sector Companies to avoid intrusion of the party – Board Chairman of
GETFund is Kwabena Adjei (NDC Chairman), Board Chairman of Road Fund – Joe Gidisu
(MP), Board Chairman of NHIS, Doe Adjaho (MP). Board Chairman of Ghana Civil
Aviation, Alban S.K. Bagbin (Minister and MP).
11.. I will clear all filth in the cities within 100 days – Cholera outbreak is
the order of the day. Ghana is ranked the 2nd dirtiest country in West Africa.
12.. I will make Ghanaians pay one-time premium – The National Health Insurance
Scheme (NHIS) has collapsed as the one-time premium has given way to ‘Capitation’.

13.. I will give 40% of ministerial appointments to women – Only 11% appointments
have been made so far and the maltreatment of Nana Konadu Agyemang and other
female journalists are clear examples. NDC has only 4 female MPs as against NPP’s
14. Mills tells Ghanaian women that they are not interested in politics.
14.. I will build 200,000 houses within 5yrs through the STX Korea deal and 30,000
of the houses would be given to the security officers – STX Korea deal is dead.
15.. I will improve the country’s education at all levels – the BECE recorded the
worst results for over a decade. Only tea cups embossed with the president’s
portrait have been given to these pupils.
16.. I will build 2 universities in the Volta and Brong-Ahafo Regions in this
‘Action Year’ – The construction sites have now turned into zoological gardens.
17.. I will eliminate all schools under trees – In spite of the oil revenue,
several schools are still under trees.
18.. I will provide all basic school pupils with school uniforms – for the past 3
yrs only 20% of the pupils have received the free school uniforms.
19.. I will expand the School Feeding Programme to cover all basic schools – that
did not happen as some schools in NPP strongholds were removed from the programme
for the benefit of those in NDC strongholds.
20.. I will make armed robbery a thing of the past – Social vices are on the
increase. Police officers are being killed by armed robbers.
21.. I will provide meaningful jobs for the youth – For the first time in the
history of Ghana, there is an Association of Unemployed Graduates, and Elvis
Afriyie Ankrah, a Dep. Minister of Local Government, calls them lazy people and
sees them as an evil group.
22.. I will generate funds internally and not rely on IMF, World Bank or foreign
loans – Surprisingly, the Mills-Mahama NDC government has secured over GH¢18bn
loans abroad. Another $3bn from China is in the pipeline. According to Dr.
Mahamudu Bawumia, Ghana’s debt stood at GH¢25.3m as at 2011.
23.. I will bridge the poverty gap between the north and the south – Poverty
between the north and the south is widening.
24.. I will put GH¢600m into the Savannah Accelerated Development Authority (SADA)
– In the 2011 Budget Statement, only GH¢8m was voted into it. SADA has come to a
25.. I will build the Eastern and Western corridor infrastructure – That was a
camouflage. The promise of 10% of oil revenue to the people of Western Region was
not fulfilled.
26.. I will cut down waste and profligate spending – Mills purchased 5 military
aircrafts at a cost of $250m. He spent GH¢48,000 on Nkrumah’s birthday, and
GH¢622m on judgment debts, including Woyome’s GH¢51m. The NDC is building a $20m
party headquarters in Accra.
27.. I will prosecute my corrupt ministers and appointees without asking for
evidence – What happened to ‘Kyinkyinka’ Muntaka (pampers), Mahama Ayarega
(tractors), Carl Wilson (imported vehicles), and Asiedu Nketia (block making)? Why
are Mills’ appointees committing gargantuan crimes against the state? Why did
Mills sack his former Attorney-General, Hon. Martin Amidu?
28.. I will be a father of all Ghanaians – Selective justice has replaced the
“father for all mantra”. Why did Mills direct his DCEs/MDCEs to open their doors
for only NDC members and sympathizers? Why arrest Hon. Ken Agyepong and leave Nii
Lamptey Vanderpuije?
29.. I will not pursue politics of vendetta – Why did the president order his
appointees, especially Victor Smith, to seize vehicles and offices belonging to
his political opponents? What has happened to ex-president Kufuor’s end of service
benefits? Why did the Mills-Mahama government file 13 high profile court cases
against its political opponents and lose them all?
30.. I will turn the Golden Jubilee House into a poultry farm – Why is the place
being occupied by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?
31.. I will abrogate the Ghana Telecom sale to Vodafone – What are you waiting
for, Mr. President? Vodafone is the leading mobile network in Ghana today.
32.. I will probe the Ghana @ 50 celebrations and prosecute all those who
misappropriated and misapplied public funds – What came out of the reports by the
23 Commissions of Enquiry set up by the president?
33.. I will modernize agriculture – Agriculture has seen a consistent decline in
growth since 2009.
34.. I will cut down rice importation by 50% - Rice importation has increased from
$400m to $700m annually.
35.. I will build airports in Cape Coast and Tamale and also build the Kotokoraba
market – We are still waiting.
36.. I will improve infrastructure in the country – the President bows down his
head in shame when he passes on some of the roads. Is the Sofoline interchange in
Kumasi part of the infrastructure?
37.. I will expand all social interventions introduced by my predecessor – most of
the interventions, e.g. NHIS and free maternal care have collapsed and now
maternal mortality is on the increase.
38.. I will not be a globe-trotter like Kufuor – By the help of the Presidential
Jet, Mills, together with Mahama, has travelled around the globe more than any
Ghanaian leader. He went to Japan, made a u-turn for the Population Census and
disappeared the following day. Similarly, he left for the US for 6 weeks, returned
to Ghana for 3 days and went back to the US under the pretence of meeting
investors during the Christmas period.
39.. I will make full investigations into the serial killings of women that
occurred between 1999 and 2000 – We are still waiting.
40.. I will not introduce any new tax – Several new taxes, including Akpetshie,
airport, and environmental taxes have been introduced.
41.. I will wage war against narcotics trade – Cocaine turns into soda under
Mills’ watch.
42.. I will ensure free, fair, and peaceful elections – Biometric Voters’
Registration exercise has turned into violence. What happened at Akwatia,
Chereponi, and Atiwa during the by-elections?
43.. I will burn Ghana like Kenya if the elections go the other way – Fire
outbreaks, mining disasters; floods have characterized the Mills-Mahama
44.. I will ensure a level playing field for the 2012 elections – Today some
police officers are registering foreigners in Togo.
45.. I will strengthen all state institutions – CHRAJ, EOCO, EC, PURC, GSS etc. –
After 2 years of Population and Housing Census, figures are yet to be released.
Ghana Statistical Service has been cooking inflation figures for the NDC
government. Kwabena Adjei, NDC Chairman, threatened to ‘kill the cat’.
46.. I will promote freedom of speech – This has been substituted with “causing
fear and panic”. Nana Darkwah and Amina can tell you more about that.
47.. I will pay professional allowance to all professional teachers – In the end,
teachers who embarked on demonstration were sprayed with hot water. Others were
stripped naked in Bawku.
48.. I will form a government on expertise and competence, not party or family
interests - Who are the ‘bootlickers’, ‘greedy bastards’, and the ‘Team B’
ministers? Why did the president sack Dr. Bawumia and Prof. Kwabena Frimpong
49.. I swear, try me and see. I will not disappoint you because I was not born
with a silver spoon in my mouth – Mansions are being built by President Mills
through Regimanuel Estate and his Director of Communications describes them as
50.. I am a better man for a better Ghana – If so, why the ‘ecomini’ and ‘omama’
pronunciations? Why did the party’s founder, J.J. Rawlings, refer to Mills as
“Konogo Kaya”? The ‘Better Ghana’ agenda has turned into a ‘Better Volta’ agenda
and Ghanaians are witnesses to this fact.
Now the gargantuan questions:

a.. Is our president, John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills, an honest man?
b.. Does he deserve to be in office for another term?
c.. Do you think President Mills is competent enough to lead Ghana?
d.. Does he have the competent team to work with?
e.. Have those who returned the NDC onto the political scene done Ghanaians any
f.. Do you think there was an error of judgment on the part of the electorate in
g.. Do you think the Ghanaian electorate should also give Nana Addo Dankwa
Akufo-Addo a chance in the December polls?
Why don’t you join us in kicking this hypocritical, arrogant, deceitful, violent,
and incompetent NDC administration out on December 7?

Katakyie Kwame Opoku Agyemang is a Member, Communications Directorate – NPP-UK &

By Katakyie Kwame Opoku Agyemang (a.k.a. Paulucious)

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