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Opinions of Thursday, 30 June 2011

Columnist: Blukoo-Allotey, Johnny

40 Possible Sporting Page and Media Captions

1. Why FONKAR hates this GAME.

2. FONKAR yet to play its best GAME. – Coach

3. 10 great FONKAR GAMEs – TV

4. Why FONKAR must win this GAME

5. FONKAR’s GAME of chance

6. FONKAR, raise your GAME! - Supporters urge

7. Is FONKAR fair GAME?

8. 10 GAMEs FONKAR hates

9. How losing one GAME may relegate FONKAR

10. A GAME FONKAR lover

11. GAMEs are silly. FONKAR means business!

12. “FONKAR, it’s just a GAME!” – DCE

13. STATISTIC: FONKAR always wins its home GAMEs. – Inhouse Research Team

14. “We’ll win this GAME fairly.” Team FONKAR

15. FONKAR’s already won the GAME! – Footsoldiers Insist

16. A friendly GAME FONKAR need not play

17. FONKAR ’s Poorest home GAMEs - TV

18. FONKAR’s GAME plan is secret

19. Bad GAMEs FONKAR avoids

20. FONKAR. “Our GAME isn’t over!”

21. “Some GAMEs are dangerous.” - FONKAR spokesman

22. What GAME is FONKAR playing at? 23. Easy GAME for FONKAR

24. To win, FONKAR has to play its best GAME

25. FONKAR puts up a GAME fight

26. A GAME FONKAR must win

27. FONKAR, after this GAME what next?

28. “We love this GAME!” FONKAR declares

29. Will FONKAR get a fair Referee for its final GAME?

30. “This GAME isn’t fair!” FONKAR fumes.

31. Is it GAME over for FONKAR?

32. We can’t lose this GAME - FONKAR Captain

33. A GAME beyond FONKAR’s reach? - Editorial

34. FONKAR to knock out its GAME opponent?- Coach

35. The ugly side of FONKAR’s GAME

36. FONKAR will win if the GAME is fair – Team Manager

37. “Its GAME on!” - FONKAR declares

38. Guess FONKAR’s prize if it wins this GAME?

39. FONKAR is exceptionally good at this GAME

40. What price FONKAR, for winning this GAME?

Which is your favourite? Which is true? Which is likely to happen? What are the stakes? Add your caption. For me, it’s all just good fun. Really!

Johnny Blukoo-Allotey, Accra, Ghana.