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Opinions of Friday, 31 December 2010

Columnist: Adjei, Gideon

31 December Destroyed National unity

Rawlings and his wife can claimed the gains of 31 December by going IMF and
World Bank way. That saw the killing of local industries and lost of many jobs.
The 31 December coup destroyed the national unity and cohesion. Acheampong
government had credit of promoting national unity and cohesion through the Union
government and Charter of redemption policies. As Nkrumah is credited with
panafricnism outside the doors of Ghana,Acheampong had the credit of promoting
National unity and cohesion with slogan of " One people One Nation and a Common

Rawlings and his men had pictured the past governments bad,hence many Ghanaians
today find it hard to see something positive about previous governments.

The Colonial administration had some credit of uniting the national by promoting
education,civility,correction bad habits in our culture like human sacrifice after
the death of a local Chief,and protecting the weak tribes against the strong
tribes. Readers must know that I am not here promoting colonialism but as matter
of facts colonialism had some gains and disadvantages. I personally give some
credit to British colonial administration for promoting national unity by bringing
many tribal groups under one administration. Ghana is the creation of colonial

Nkrumah did a good job with his panafricanism.Tribalism was something that was
hard to be seen in Nkrumah. When Ashanti region was a problem to his
administration,Nkrumah used diplomacy with the help Krobo Edusei to win Ashanti
back to his side. My brother-in -law told me that, " Kumasi became pro Nkrumah
after developments like KNUST,City Hotel,Kwadaso Agric College,beautification of
Kumasi downtown with buildings like Adum electricity tower,central Post Office
Tower,Bank of Ghana Tower and the beautiful government ministries buildings at
Adum among a lot silent the Ashanti from anti-Nkrumaism or CPP. As matter of fact
Nkrumah promoted national essence and cohesion through development and his

National cohesion and dynamics became weak after Nkrumah was overthrown. The two
political parties that contested election in the 2nd republic in 1969(Busia PP
and Gbedemah NAL) divided the Ghana along the tribal lines first in Ghana
history. Ewes and Akans political tension started from PP and NAL time.
The essence of Acheampong coup was to bring national unity that was lost and
affecting military and national life. I am not supporting totality of Acheampong
government,yet his government united Ghana with the "Charter of Redeeption slogan
and his unigovernment slogan".

The efficacy of Acheampong national unity and cohesion slogan was seen in the way
Ghanaians with one understanding voted for a minority tribe person a Sissala man
to be third President of Ghana. During the second round election majority of
Ghanaians voted for Dr.Hilla Liman a small sissala tribe man to be president of

31 December by Rawlings came as a surprised to many Ghanaians. The proponent of
31 December were mostly Ewes. National unity and cohesion was affected. Akans
became disillusioned by Rawlings and his men. Later on some Northern Military men
had problem with their Ewe colleagues. The advent of multiparty politics helped
the nation,as Rawlings brought in some Nkrumaism into his politics and gained the
support of many Ghanaians.

Finally 31 December destroyed national cohesion and unity. To Akans,Ewes became
advantage by 31 December.The nation's power was given to a minority
tribe(Sissala) Liman yet Rawlings killed that beautiful cohesion and

Gideon Adjei(The Universalist)