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Opinions of Saturday, 16 November 2019

Columnist: Efo Worlanyo Tsekpo

2020 Budget will move Ghana from Sodom to Gomorrah

Ken Ofori-Attah Ken Ofori-Attah

I remember the Asempa Budget very well. Heaven nearly came out because of how sweet the words of our finance Minister was.

The whole country was very hopeful because they trusted and voted for the Npp thinking they will do better than the NDC.

The Youth were hopeful, the market women had hope, the hope from Abossey Okai was beyond boundaries, the farmer, the teacher, the laborer, the pasor and even most NDC members were hopeful but I remember clearly an interview Prof. Gatsi granted, he said the people of Ghana should not jubilate because he sees a different picture been painted.

Lo and behold all the above people are very angry and are waiting for December 7th to bring back JM they abundaned in 2016.

Today the man who has rendered over 1.4million Ghanaians jobless on at the banking sector and over 3.7million from others sectors.

These 5.1 Citizens of Ghana were having their decent jobs before Nana Addo came to power and became jobless because of governments actions to deliberately collapse banks.

As the leader of the Youth in my party in the Bono Region, I can say on authority that the more budgets are read under Nana Addo, the more poorer and depressed the Youth become.

The Youth have been totally neglected in the Bono Region since this government came to power.

Three budgets have been read which have all contained same roads and same projects for the past three years including the just ended budget but the Bono Regional is still at a stand still, No development, No jobs absolutely nothing is happening in the Region since NDC left office and this was clearly confirmed when the President visited the region last month because the President after three years with three budgets could not locate any project to commission or visit.

Listening to the Finance Minister today has depened the woes of the Youth in the Bono Region and the country at large.

The budget is full of lies and its the most hopeless budget ever read in Ghana. This budget will surely move Ghana from Sodom to Gomorrah, from frying pan to fire because it has no hope for we the people in the Bono Region especially the Youth.

The Youth in the Bono Region are angry because the final budget of the Npp couldn't as well address the basic challenges of the Region which Npp used as a cardinal point to seek power.

We are disappointed because these basic challenges were the pointers the Npp the 2016 to secure power.

We are angry because the Economy of the Bono Region revolves around our cashew and SMEs.

Today government has refused to pay the customers of the financial institutions that had challenges in 2016 which the Npp promised to fully pay.

Today, farmers in the Region are commiting suicide because they could not pay loans they went for to invest in their farms. A bag of cashew that was bought for 900 Ghana cedis under John Dramani Mahama is bought today under Nana Addo at the price of 120 Ghana cedis. This has made farmers closer to their Graves under Nana Addo's government.

Bono Region today has one of the highest unemployed Youth in the country and the Employment Minister is from the Bono Region where his Sunyani West constituency tops our research on unemployed Youth in the Region.

Today with this Empty and Exit budget, it gives me hope that surely we are getting closer to power.

Let's work hard because the alternative is Ready and fully prepared to RESCUE from the hands of the toxic and sleeping government.


*Efo Worlanyo Tsekpo*