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Opinions of Friday, 7 August 2020

Columnist: Hanan Sule

2016 elections shouldn't be a rehash of Mahama's past

As 2020 elections draw closer by each passing day, the elections fever rises, as with the political tempo, between the two main political giants, the NDC and the NPP as usual and typical of these parties.

A cursory glance, observation and examination, so far, concerning the political tools and ammunitions will be adopted and deployed, by these two parties show that the NPP is keen on using the 2016 failures of JM as their strongest points against JM. But, this writer thinks that Ghanaians shouldn't be carried away by that as JM was severely and heavily punished by Ghanaians in 2016, hence his defeat and exit from power.

The writer believes that the Ghanian is discerning enough, abreast of time and global events why he's or she is voting every four years. I believe the Ghanian, in the remotest place in Yendi, or Zabzugu will be thinking about his or her future than What Mahama didn't do in 2016.

What's glare and can't escape on our minds are the flamboyant promises made by Nana Addo. Some may argue that NanaAddo shouldn't be questioned on his promises to us, as Ghanaians, just as right-thinking Ghanaians call for a shift from rehashing past events. But this argument is the most porous one ever to be advanced in a debate worthy of a sort.

The Akufo Addo's promises should be the central point on which this year's election should revolve around.

To the floating voters and the first time ones, what you should be looking at concerning the two major political parties - the NDC and the NPP are innumerable and your choices should be based on plans and programs brought forth by these political parties, and not a rehash of past events of 2016, which are of no significance and benefit to you as voter.

One thing stands tall and firm and can't be swept under any measurement. That's John Mahama's second coming. The second coming of John Mahama will be a blessing but not a curse, as supported by a popular adage that- once bitten twice shy. John Manama will be the most careful and listening president to see as he's suffered in the hands of Ghanaians before, and will play his cards well when it comes to formulation and implementation of policies which affect the well-being of Ghanaians. With this in mind, betting and banging your hopes on John Manama come 2020 election won't be a bad idea.

As stated explicitly, above, dear voter, make no mistake and dwell on past which will not benefit you in any way, but be forward-looking, and also follow your own thoughts than political propagandists.

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