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Opinions of Monday, 24 March 2014

Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement

Dr. Nkrumah Was Not A Brutal Dictator – Part 1

The National Liberation Movement argument for a Federal Constitution was a LAME ONE as they were fighting for Federation on a NARROW TRIBAL FRONT. However, the biggest claim of the NLM which was backed by the Chiefs was seeking to end the CPP’s victory streak. The people of the Gold Coast voted massively against Dr. Busia’s United Party because of its violence and blood letting as blood flowed wherever the UP members visited in the country. Members of the United Party which the NPP represent today 2014 always walked with grenades, bombs and bottles of soda water in their pockets from 1951 – 1966 when Dr. Nkrumah was violently overthrown. For the information of one Mr. Sarpong Justice who described Dr. Nkrumah as a Brutal Dictator, the Kulungugu bomb attack on Nkrumah on August 2, 1962 was organized and carried out by one Adam Amandi one of the violent leading members of the United Party who hailed from the North, Mr. Sarpong must therefore stop throwing dust into the eyes of unsuspecting youth of Ghana because Tawiah Adamafio, Ako Adjei and H.H. Coffic Crabbe who were initially arrested on suspicion of organizing that bomb attack and were eventually freed by the Supreme Court in 1962 were really innocent. Violence, murder and tribalism had been and is still the stock-in-trade of the United Party which the NPP represent today and they are responsible for reversing Ghana’s for ward match just because they lost general elections. As far back as 1953 members of the United Party always describe “Asante” as a “Nation” and not a Region and even some CPP stalwarts like Krobo Edusie, Atta Mensah and B.F. Kusi and all Ashanti’s expressed the false sentiment that Asante is a “Nation” and not a Region at all but must be considered a “nation” on a narrow tribal front and that is where their arrogance and pride in politics originate from. The Pre- Colonial and the Colonial Economic systems established one MAJOR FACT -: That the African became the HEWER of wood and DRAWER OF WATER to service an industrial system far away, and was kept on the African plantation to consume goods brought from the distant industrial system. It was exactly what happened on the slave plantations of the Americans where the slaves were put to cruel labour, clothed and were fed by the Master with what the Master though was good for them. In fact, the West owes Africans not only money but our dignity and self respect; we must be paid for what our ancestors did and what we have also done. We cannot continue to train man power for the neighbouring neo colonies and the external economic power centers. Initiatives cannot be killed by any needles state programmes. Small scale production systems and co-operatives owned and run by the people should form the basis for development. The State cannot be a farmer or a fisher man, nor can it run industry. The condition of the series of new colonies that make up these so called Economic Community as a Cartel of the hapless and the Damned is guaranteed in London and Paris.
Talking About Brutal Dictators?
If you want to know those brutal dictators parading as democrats, Dr. K.A Busia was one of them, former Presidents George Bush Jnr. and Tony Blair of the United States and Britain are the two leaders who were brutal dictators as they launched a brutal war on Iraq in 2003, captured its President and hanged him for nothing since no Weapons of Mass Destruction were found in Iraq, because of that there have been no peace in Iraq up to date 2014.
Busia’s Wickedness
When the late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah was dying of skin cancer in Romania, he wrote to Busia in 1972 asking permission to come home to die and Busia turned down that request, for even though Nkrumah was in his death bed. Nkrumah still posed a threat to the Busia government which was proving such a dismal failure with time. Dr. Nkrumah finally passed away on the 21st April, 1972 in far away Romania four months after Busia was also overthrown through another coup d’ etat by Col. Acheampong who arranged for Dr. Nkrumahs body to be flown from Conakry where it was first kept to Ghana. Acheampong must be credited for restoring to Ghana its true Africa sense of community feeling in the matter of the great loss of its greatest son whose remains were brought down to the capital of the NATION he founded. Nothing is more brutal than killing people with grenades, bombs, matchets, guns, clubs, shaking soda water in a hot climate and throwing the bottle into a crowd of CPP Supporters as members of the United Party did to Nkrumah because of POLITICAL POWER between 1951 – 1966. Come again, Sarpong Justice.
Is anybody littering? I shall return when the need arise. I am done ‘Jaanbie Iwail” Aluta Continua!

Clement Sangaparee
United Cadres Front
All Media Houses
e-mail clementsang@yahoo.comm