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Opinions of Thursday, 20 December 2007

Columnist: Shaibu Abdulai & Desire Ankah

2008 election: Mokoh aya Ni mokoh abah, That's all!!

2008 election Mokoh aya Ni mokoh abah, That’s all!!

Fellow Ghanaians in the Diaspora, brothers and sisters who believe in democracy, it is high time to rise in numbers to bend this so called NPP out of range.

Because this NPP government does not have love for common Ghanaians, neither do they think about our social welfare. NPP lying is an open door to help them reach their selfish goal by concealing the fact that beyond their magical words and capturing innocent people with their poisonous lies and concussion, thinking no one will discover their secret. In their words we find many mistakes and contradictions. NPP has become covered with shame, failure and disgrace to the nation and Africa in particular. For example the drug trafficking, load shedding exercise and corruption, just to mention but a few. It’s therefore to say NPP government has bad memories for Ghanaians; the content of the NPP government is a path of corruption and disorder.

The opinions they give in their reception rooms varies from those they give in public speeches. For example the NPP praise the people for their patriotic feelings and then turn around and laugh at the same people in their private meetings. As a youth I sat down and realize that NPP has no love for us the youth. Rather they peddle lies that they brought the national youth employment programme. How many youth are on the streets of Accra working? “The office of the dog chain continuous”. It is NPP employment programme. They should give us a break, the youth of 2001 is different from the youth of 2007/2008.

It was in the year 2000 this NPP government told Ghanaians that we should vote for them, that they would change the life of ordinary Ghanaian especially we the youth. Up till now the life of the Ghanaian youths remain scorn. They also came to power by slogan (mu ma ye sisah whe) let’s change and see. We where told (road ye be di?) means “are we going to eat roads?”. By then NDC was constructing roads and now NPP is telling us they have built schools, roads and hospitals. Let’s ask them (road ye be di)?

As a concern youth let me tell you, rise up and join me prevent and promote good democracy because our democracy is at risk by kleptocracy and we all know that kleptocracy is an obstacle to democracy.

Sometimes I do wonder when I heard members of this violent political party NPP claim to be the best political party that Ghana has ever had. Looking at history of violence in politics in Ghana, first in 1986 election, then Chairman Rawlings was attack on his way to office from Takoradi. Then in 1992 NDC chairman in Takoradi was burn to ashes. In 2000 NDC regional office in Ashanti region was also burn down and constituency organizers were beaten severely by NPP masses. NPP is a well trained violence political party”; UP/NPP with their diabolical and occultic policies, misinterpretating history to suit their political propaganda.

First in history of politics Prez Kufour’s son has bought hotel; also his daughter has also acquired a supermarket. Even Kwame Nkrumah did not buy any house at the time when he was in office.

Youth in democracy do not fear to tell the truth, nothing but the truth even though contract killing is circulating within the country. I do laugh again when I heard the political cosmeticians saying they have opened the frontiers of freedom to everybody without watching their back. I do not even wonder if I heard NPP saying they made rain to fall between June and July. They are capable of lying in all degree for their own advantage.

Watch out youth of Ghana next target of NPP is to induce the youth so that we’ll vote for them. The educational sector has been ‘reformed’ while the teacher’s pocket is not reformed. Even the school feeding programme is an insult to our parents. We want books free rather than so called ‘feeding free’.

It is better they concentrate on their greedy congress, where every one wants to be Prez because of kickbacks and kickfronts that they usually get. If I may also ask, are those in private schools not Ghanaians for them also to have the benefit of the capitation grant? And oh one more thing, by the way where do they have that much money they are spending for bribing the delegates and renting Airforce Planes as private jets? Ooh NPP government!!

Youth, don’t allow yourselves to be seduced by money. Vote NPP out of power on next coming 2008 election in December. To this I will say mokoh ayah Ni mokoh aba, that’s all!!!!

Youth in democracy Shaibu Abdulai & Desire Ankah Nima Kanda

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