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Opinions of Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Columnist: Fosu, John

1st Sequential Verdict Pronounced on the Kumawu Chieftaincy Case.

The adage, “When a long rope falls into an unwitty hand, it does not take long for a noose to be made to hang himself” is truthfully manifesting in the Kumawu chieftaincy disputation. Kumawuhemaa as foxy and insatiably greedy as she has always been is now about to fall on her own poisoned sword. Truly, one will always be judged on their own words and actions. Did Marc Antonio not say to the audience at the funeral of Julius Caesar, “The evil that men do lives after them?” The hidden evil deeds of Kumawuhemaa, Kumawu Kontrehene and Abenaa Wurukye, alias “Akokohwedee”, have come to light. They are about to be judged according to their words and evil machinations. They are being haunted by their own evilness. Surely, they are ensnared by their misdeeds, lies and arrogance.

On Tuesday, the 16th of March 2010, the conclusion written report of the panel appointed to investigate and adjudicate upon the Kumawu chieftaincy was submitted and read to the Asanteman Council. Interestingly, Abenaa Wurukye, the false claimant to the Kumawuman Kodua paramount Stool was found guilty. I have established in my previous write-ups that Wurukye was employed by the cunning Kumawuhemaa and her relatives. She was tasked to assist them to defraud the true royals, the matrilineal descendants of Barima Tweneboa Kodua I of their inalienable birthright. She had claimed on Asantehene’s Great oath, before Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, to be the sole owner of the stool and that she offered the stool to the sitting Kumawuhemaa. This is when she earned the humorous nickname “Akokohwedee”. Anyone who wants to read more about Wurukye should please refer to my previously published articles on same subject. Fortunately for the progressives, the Ananangya/Odumase royals have emerged victorious.

Wurukye as usual, has decided to contest the decision in a bid to delay the case. Subsequent upon her contestation, all has been invited to proceed to the Asanteman Council to review the video footage on the proceedings of the case right from very first day it was brought to the attention of the Asanteman Council. We are living in the technological age where everything can be electronically preserved in a way or the other for future reference. The evidence proving the guilt of Wurukye and Kumawuhemaa are vividly recorded in audiovisual.

When judgment was pronounced, Wurukye had her nose twitching like that of a rabbit sitting on its hind legs with the neck craned, attentively watching out against its predator. Kumawuhemaa was sweating profusely. She was as confused as she had never been before. The axe is about to fall. Wurukye is the public enemy number one of Kumawuman. She is directly sabotaging the development of Kumawuman through her silly provocative alliance with the Ankaase royals meant to delay the installation of the God’s appointed occupant of the Kodua Stool. Don’t blame the Minister from Kumawuman if he fails to assist Kumawuman as is the expectation of all sensible Kumawuman citizens worldwide.

Is Kumawuhemaa a descendant of the originator of the Kumawu paramount stool? Does she know Sene Fontom, Akosua Hemaa and Barima Tweneboa Kodua I? Is Wurukye the “akokohwedee” related to Barima Tweneboa Kodua I in any way? No.

I invite all interested Kumawuman citizens to attend the reviewing of the recorded video footage on the 12th, 13th and 14th of April 2010. I want you all to bear witness to how Abenaa Wurukye had all along tried to pervert the cause of justice. She is walking the streets of Kumawu a disgraced person. Kumawuhemaa with her conniving Kontrehene is awash in shame and panicking. The die is cast. And when the die is cast, there is no turning back.

God has appointed someone after His own heart from the Ananangya royal family to ascend the Kumawuman paramount stool. This person will traditionally bear the stool name BARIMA TWENEBOA KODUA IV.

John Fosu